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The next issue will be published on Friday, April 10, 2015.

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2nd "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" conference in June in Warsaw

The right hotels are needed

Warsaw (March 27, 2015). The momentum of the successful premier last year continues: therefore, a second edition of the small, but efficient investment conference "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" will take place on June 15/16, 2015. The event is organised by the Polish publishing house Poland Today and receives content-related support from Christie + Co Warsaw. will participate as transnational media partner once again.

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10th ITB Hospitality Day 2015: Lifestyle communication, with budget and luxury

Continual re-inventions

Berlin (March 27, 2015). Luxury and lifestyle and budget and lifestyle are not contradicting each other; both segments are now forming the most different of symbioses within the industry. Concepts such as those from the Adlon Kempinski in Berlin or Indigo and Ruby have something in common: That each is focussing intensely on the communication with the guest and on that which is relevant to their properties. "The lifestyle mega trend will change our world radically and in the long term." 70 percent of the listeners at the "Luxury/ Budget Lifestyle Panel" at the 10th "ITB Hospitality Day" agree with this statement. And with this, the conference visitors quite clearly gave the red card to the standardised hotels for Joe Q. Public.

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10th ITB Hospitality Day 2015: IT and emotions create new hotel concepts

Digitised and still human

Berlin (March 27, 2015). Two different concepts, but several parallels: The Yotel brand – renowned for its "sleep cabins" in windowless airport hotels and the "Yobot" robot – repeatedly causes surprises within the industry thanks to its innovative power. Freshly founded Barefoot Living follows an entirely different concept: it approaches the hotel business from an emotional aspect instead of solely trusting in design and hardware. An exciting contrast at the 10th "ITB Hospitality Day", the hotel conference of the world's largest tourism trade fair in Berlin early March.

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+++ Summary of the panels of the 10th ITB HOSPITALITY DAY +++ ITB Berlin +++ Read here! +++ Weekly new +++

+++ Videos of the ITB Hospitality Day panels in complete length here!

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Cloud of the Week

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The trend pendulum

Dear Insiders,
The trend pendulum swings to and fro. Between luxury lifestyle and budget lifestyle, between digitalisation and emotionalisation. Following both discussions at the recent ITB hotel conference, it is unlikely to be easy for anybody to find the right position for his hotel. Only one thing is clear: Irrespective of the choice of approach or concept, you have to stick to it and be consistent.
And: The era of hardware dominance are finally over. Drivers of such developments are (again) the guests. Both Adlon GM, the Ruby founder, the IHG Brand Manager, the Yotel CEO as well as the brand expert made this clear.
As exclusive media partner to the ITB Hospitality Day, we publish both summaries today on our Page 1 and make them accessible to all our users.
In June, the second "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" investment conference will focus on the gyrations in the Polish market. hospitalityInside will also be present at this small, high-quality and affordable event at which good contacts are easily made.
In a hotel like the Brenners in Baden-Baden, one enjoys being a guest. And I'm fascinated to see again - similar to the Grand Resort Bade Ragaz - how niche concepts can be developed to first class level and stay so absolutely on trend. Frank Marrenbach and his team offer the finest and most understated individualisation with the new health concept at Villa Stephanie. Detox begins there in architecture and design. A story of switching off to switch you on.
In Italy, a large national merger is in the offing, and NH unexpectedly dismisses even more staff. In other news, in Austria, the Supreme Court has ruled the use of the prefix "Mc" is the preserve of McDonalds. Design Hotels, in their first year as a Starwood brand, increase revenues and earnings in 2014. Dubai aims in future to balance our its glamorous image with more midscale hotels. And today's TRENDCheck focuses on the understanding of "expensive".
We wish you good business over the Easter period and/or a relaxing break - hospitalityInside is back in two weeks on April 10, 2015.

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4th "hospitalityInside Investment BAROMETER" supported by Union Investment

In search of sentiment – live and online

Augsburg/Hamburg (February 27, 2015). Your opinion is important! hospitalityInside and Union Investment are inviting hotel experts to participate in their spring survey: it will only take two minutes and a few clicks to tell us your opinion on how the hotel real estate market can develop further... The hotel market is booming. Therefore, the 4th "Investment Barometer" is asking about yields, amongst other things. All those who participate live at stand 109 in hall 9 at the ITB 2015 or online at will receive all results.

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Get to know the “ITB World of Hospitality” co-exhibitors via YouTube

Who is who?

Berlin (March 20, 2015). The appointment plans of the co-exhibitors at this year's ITB Berlin had been well filled; the overall assessment of their own appearance at the world's largest tourism trade show was accordingly positive. Eight exhibitors spoke about their company, products and trends in front the camera at the "World of Hospitality" joint stand. Have a look through them!!

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2nd "loop" luxury trade fair: Buyers and hoteliers make good deals

The cake is delicious

Frankfurt/M (March 20, 2015). The "cake design" has proved itself, just the same as the 15 minute tempo for intensive conversations between hoteliers and buyers. The fact that the Offenbach-based marketing representatives, Lobster Experience, had touched on a nerve with their "loop" premiere the last year was impressively underlined in the second edition: Only beaming faces everywhere. As a result, loop, short for "luxury on our planet", has been able to establish itself as a valuable B2B trade fair in Europe. This year, the large hotel chains were present with their luxury brands for the first time.

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4th "World Tourism Forum Lucerne" opens up to emerging markets

Walk the Future Talk

Lucerne (March 20, 2015). The 4th "World Tourism Forum Lucerne" (WTFL) to be held on 23 and 24 April 2015 will again attract some 400 top decision makers from the international fields of tourism, politics, business, finance and science. This year also sees the participation of Azerbaijan as the first-ever guest country to be invited to this event at the KKL Culture & Convention Centre. For the first time, the "Start-Up Innovation Award" will be launched - aimed at promoting creative and innovative new business ideas in the global tourism industry. Once again, is a media partner of the event.

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