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About us
ITB stand in Hall 9 offers presentation forum for ALL companies

Solutions sought!

Berlin (November 21, 2014). This coming March at the ITB Berlin, HospitalityInside will offer a new module for the presentation of products, services and specialist information. The Hospitality X-PERTS Lounge in Hall 9 will be open to all companies offering new concepts or solutions for hotel operators.

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After ITB 2015 selected buyers will meet selected hoteliers

Luxury fair loop, the second to come

Offenbach (October 24, 2014). After the successful debut of the first tourism luxury fair "loop – luxury on our planet" in 2014, their founder Lobster Experience is currently preparing for the second round from March 9 to 11, 2015. Applications are welcome.

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Cloud of the Week

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Lifestyle and Dynamics

Dear Insiders,
Jumping on board the lifestyle waggon two years ago with its own brand was certainly a good idea of German Lindner Hotels. But what to do when suitable locations just can't be found? Many chains have made serious compromises on this point. A medium-sized hotel group can't afford to make such mistakes. The modified lifestyle product has its own charm, as the renderings published for the first time here today show. Lifestyle is now no longer cool, but again cosily warm. Linder Chairmen Otto Lindner and Andreas Kroekel also showed themselves to be relaxed in an interview with us.
The EU regulation on allergens which we outlined for Germany last week has now been interpreted by the Austrians. There, the guest has to make do with general information, or staff will tell him. Austria Trend Hotels is still annoyed by the rule and says on behalf of colleagues too: Alone the relabeling for the breakfast buffet and door hangers for breakfast in bed will cost EUR 8,000 for 28 hotels.
Because Austria is very much dependent on tourism, the country is also very sensitive: Tourism experts have now meticulously analysed new target groups to help offset the threat from a sinking winter business, above all the "empty nesters". Livecams and social media are to help here.
Amazon has not yet officially confirmed that it intends to move into the hotel business as OTA and insofar - after the media reports in the US – the industry remains relaxed. Hoteliers have got used to OTAs and know now anyway that they need to improve direct distribution. In Switzerland, another much-discussed OTA, Airbnb, has now started to focus on second homes in the Alps. IT distribution is also seeing movement at the moment. In the flood of software manufacturers, HSDS now aims to raise its profile by offering customised software at reasonable prices to private and chain hotels. Up to now, HSDS was only known to insiders.
All this is a sign of the enormous speed to which all on the market are subject. And this is also felt by another young sector, namely the Serviced Apartments. Experts and large chains in Germany and Great Britain have agreed to no longer refer to this segment with this term, but rather to use the term Apartment Hotels or Apart-Hotels. And a brand-new report explains why hostels and limited servicee hotel have a great future in Europe. - The full editorial …

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Cloud of the Week

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Airbnb, Shadow Economy & Solutions

Dear Insiders,
Travellers obviously love Airbnb. Certainly, they aren't put off by the criticism of this provider. After all, why should they bother about security and unpaid taxes when they can book a cheap private room online, or even an entire house in one of the world's top destinations?
Airbnb founder Brian Chesky loves to praise the new "sharing economy" in public - as of immediately, the European Hotel Association HOTREC will refer to it only as the "shadow economy". The US company obviously doesn't want to share anything - not fairness, not responsibility and not transparency. Its business model is similar to a shadow economy, and many things are left in the dark.
HOTREC-CEO Christian de Barrin gives his opinion on this OTA-like company in an interview today and demands the same rules are applied to it as to hotels. A task force has been founded. Author Sarah Douag looked around the globe – in particular to cities such as New York, Amsterdam and Paris which have become hot spots for Airbnb – and summarizes how cities take aim against illegal Airbnb apartments and how associations fight the war of words.
There's also an awful lot happening currently in the MICE market. Now, bookings for conference space can also be made directly online. Several providers have recently come on to the market in Europe, or will do: Okanda in Germany, Book2Meet based in Brussels and MeetingMarket by Expedia.
You'll certainly not fall asleep reading today's edition! Not even when you read the summary of a new sleep study. A whole range of business models are coming into existance here - e.g. sleeping in the café!
And you won't be nodding off in the Kameha Grand Zurich set to open at the end of February 2015 either. Its design - by Marcel Wanders - will also impress the spoiled Swiss. Sabre has presented the first smartwatch which can be used to call up travel information. In a survey conducted by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association Dehoga, hoteliers were pleased by the good summer, though more expect a worse winter.
For us, spring is hurtling towards us and so also the ITB Berlin. In Hall 9, HospitalityInside will next year, for the first time, offer a new module which allows suppliers to present new concepts and solutions to hotel operators, video recordings included: the Hospitality X-PERTS Lounge. It will supplement the joint stand, though you don't have to be a co-exhibitor. To external parties we offer attractive partner packages. Talk to us! Details and contact information on our Page 1. – The full editorial …

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