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12th ITB Hospitality Day talks digitalization, metasearch, security

Technology networks

Berlin (February 24, 2017). What comes next after Super-Mario, the robot? At the "ITB Hospitality Day" 2015, the youngest employee at the Marriott Ghent in Belgium showed how to welcome and entertain guests. This year, the ITB convention continues this path and also wants to check out if the industry is already welcoming the digitalized world. Other panelists will discuss technology from the metasearch perspective. A crucial role plays technology when talking about safety and security. But, especially here, safety and security managers appeal to human colloaborations. On Thursday, 9 March at 10:30 a.m., the 12th ITB Hospitality Day has these highly interesting panel discussions in store. In Hall 7.1b/Auditorium London.

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Dedicated Professional wins IHIF "Young Leader Award"

Meininger's young leader

Berlin (February 24, 2017). The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) and the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) announced the recipient of the 2017 Young Leader Award; Director of Acquisitions and Strategy at Meininger Hotels, Eva Bachmann.

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Cloud of the Week

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No more unisex lounges, please!

Dear Insiders,
Not a week without Sébastien Bazin: AccorHotels' CEO loves scripts involving the powerful of this world (Saudis, Chinese, Qatari). Now he is even helping a former French president out of his political minor role giving him the main role as a strategist in the transformation drama round about the biggest French hotel chain. Ça va! Yes, the two know each other well.
However, Bazin seemingly had to cope with a defeat regarding the bidding for the Canadian Luxury Retreats platform – Airbnb grabbed it. Annoying. 4,000 luxury hotels at one swoop – that would have been perfect for the group's own sales platform. Now he needs to put together smaller packages (e.g. Rixos?). All those unwilling to give away their luxury hotels should take cover. Revenue and EBIT figures covering 2016 – published two days ago – will further give wings to Bazin.
But there are also hotel groups that don't want to be swallowed, taking action by themselves: as reported, last week, Kempinski professed its future as an independent boutique hotel group via a shareholder change, and yesterday afternoon, Vienna House in Vienna announced a new 100-percent shareholder: another Thai company, backed by a listed billion-dollar conglomerate. Simoner, himself a former Kempinski top manager, knows the owners of its parent company BTSG from his days at Kempinski. Apart from that, the timeframe and the same focus were pure coincidence, he reassures us. But: the family operating hotels in Asia itself doesn't want to see Vienna House drown in the merger mash.
Finally, the trend has an anti-trend! The hotel sector needs diversity – it lives from it ... We don't need any additional unisex lounges!
In England, the hard Brexit is shaking up hoteliers. The immense costs and disadvantages are becoming clearer and clearer. Experts and the British Hotel Association are pessimistic almost across the board. And Frank Marrenbach, CEO of the (German) Oetker Collection operating the Lanesborough London brings up the following image with respect to the planned exclusion of (EU) employees: the best curry isn't of British origin!
Today, our legal experts analyse the difficulty in differentiating between residential living and Serviced Apartments in Germany – an important contribution in the context of this booming segment. Further news cover the 2016 balance sheets of AccorHotels, Choice and IHG, the stagnating room nights in Switzerland in 2016, and the EU Commission investigating against Meliá Hotels and tour operators.
And finally, we talk about three panels you should visit at ITB Hospitality Day on March 9 (digitisation, safety & security, and metasearch), and the IHIF announced the new winner of the "Young Leader Award" in the run-up to the 20th anniversary: the young lady comes from Berlin. Enjoy reading!

Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems, Editor-in-Chief

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