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Karl-Heinz Pawlizki, Managing Director/Chief Operating Officer, Dorint Hotels & Resorts, Cologne

"Well-researched subjects, brief and concisely presented and always analysed with the necessary background knowledge: this is for me. Even if sometimes there is only enough time for the headlines, I'm always up on the current state of affairs. I'm grateful for the reliable inside knowledge of the editors and the good journalistic work of Maria Puetz-Willems and her team. Every week, I look forward to the new issue with important topics pertaining to the industry – keep it up!"

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The third conference "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" is getting closer

Thinking outside the box

Warsaw (May 20, 2016). The list of speakers and discussion round participants at the conference "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" from 13-14 June at the InterContinental Hotel Warsaw is finally set. Among others, participants will be representatives of the Polish Tourism Organisation, of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, of leading Polish as well as vicinal and global hotel groups (e.g. Orbis, Vienna House, Rezidor, B&B). More than 200 participants will be expected. However, interested parties are still welcome to register.

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Specialist symposium "Green Hotels" in Munich: Learning from practitioners

Visiting the top performer

Munich (May 6, 2016). Sustainable building and sustainable hotel operations are far from being dull issues – because they have to actually be pursued in everyday life. How to go about "green hotels" is demonstrated by the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center Munich Messe. It achieved the desired DGNB platinum certificate. How everything began and fell into place will be illustrated by the makers at the specialist symposium "Green Hotels – Sustainability Certificates for Hotel Real Estate" on June 22, 2016 (in German language). The organisers are the trade publications hotelbau and

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Cloud of the Week

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Home, House, Retro: Back to the roots

Dear Insiders,
Today, we're being a little "retro", even a little romantic in our desire for the simple and authentic. The Ringhotels consortium, the change from Vienna International to Vienna House, the 'mother' concept of Arcona Hotels, a Genuss (culinary pleasure) portal and Genuss region shows from various perspectives that "old fashioned" is back. Call it "house" or "home" - your guest feels whether you mean it with the new concept.
Today's examples are wonderful proof of how focus has shifted back to what's really important - to true hospitality. The new retro is old fashioned pleasures! All the same, the simple, authentic must also be professionally implemented. Vienna House has for six months seen that its decision to go "back to its roots" was the right one.
A perfect accompaniment here are Macy Marvel's impressions of the Hotel Bellevue des Alpes in the Swiss mountains. At 2,070m, time has stood still - and intentionally so! Since 1840, the family has steered business by sheer stomach feeling. The entire hotel is retro. And still today, it survives without Facebook friends or Twitter. A millennial could hardly believe it.
And what does it all tell us? Every hotel, every hotel group needs an unmistakable profile, a clear position. The reality then often looks different. In Austria, the land of the resort, the majority of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in tourism are writing losses. This was the finding of a current study. Nobody in the industry is paying zero-rates of interest. Their low equity ratios are a hindrances, and personnel costs a further obstacle.
Wish and reality are two different things. All the more naive then appears the plan of the new Dutch startup, Bidroom, which pits itself against the OTA giants with low commissions. The German OTA HRS is expanding its foreign commitment. Trainees often take company tests in cases where school grades are not appropriate - a new large study provides employers with valuable orientation. In other news, the German Event Hotels were part of the recent Interhotel deal. And an independent research institute has for the first time published figures on Chinese outbound tourism.

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