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Don't delay, act!

Dear Insiders,
In the "War of Talents", the embarrassments are always the same - and in talk rounds hotel groups aren't making a very good impression at all. Every millennial, however naive, notices just how outdated the hotel industry's ideas are; that it flatly refuses to pay higher salaries and that it fails to take the career wishes of young talent seriously.
All the more refreshing then is the new "Motel One University" in Munich. Of all hotel groups, it's a budget chain which has now decided to invest heavily in a unique modular concept that encourages every member of staff from basic training to BA degree. This will cost Motel One EUR 3.5 million each year. Employees pay nothing. Motel One motivates towards loyalty. This will secure their "human capital".
"As guest welcome, as person desired" is the motto of the seven-year-old consortium Embrace. Its 42 hotels and restaurants employ disabled workers and introduce them to "totally normal" guests. All of these perform a valuable social service. President Martin Buenk explains.
In other news, the DZT forecasts that German tourism will continue to grow based on new figures. And in the world of distribution a "leak" causes a stir: The EU Commission warns of TripAdvisor and Booking - read the full paper here; the background will follow next week.
Expedia, HRS, Starwood and soon also Accor have already jumped on the Apple Watch waggon; Cornell professors warn of offering the traveller useless gimmicks... A new study also shows how future traveller types will look - somewhat between "sharing" and ego-oriented pleasure. The German procurement company Progros will in future expand its European radius, and the German Association for Travel Management seeks political influence in Berlin.
And news from the chains yesterday: In view of falling results in the first quarter, Starwood Hotels is now considering everything to satisfy its shareholders: From divestment to the acquisition of another chain, anything is possible. That and more in today's News Mix.
And for everyone on our page 1 (for subscribers in the magazine): the results from the hospitalityInside INVESTMENT BAROMETER from spring 2015 - inter alia on the issue of return expectations - as well as first report on the 4th World Tourism Forum in Lucerne last week whose contents weren't quite so convincing but which nonetheless is not making its way to the Far East. – The full editorial …

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4th hospitalityInside INVESTMENT BAROMETER Spring survey available - Public Version

Regionally stronger and more projects

Augsburg/Hamburg (May 1, 2015). The continuing pressure on demand in the hotel market most likely motivates hoteliers and hotel property experts to diversify regionally in secondary and tertiary markets. New leaseholders and brands are less in demand, and a higher commitment in country markets with higher risks is definitely last on the list. This is one of the trend statements obtained from the spring survey for the "hospitalityInside INVESTMENT BAROMETER" 2015. In addition, most people surveyed are expecting that the yields will stabilise in the short term (in the next six to twelve months) and increase again in the medium term (24-48 months).

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4th World Tourism Forum in Lucerne covers the crust of the subjects

Of sharing and limiting

Lucerne (May 1, 2015). There were no industry-moving messages at the 4th "World Tourism Forum Lucerne" (WTFL), but there were an increased number of tourism participants with catchy names in exchange. Nevertheless, the original claim of the forum to become an event comparable to the Forum WEF/World Economic Forum in Davos is still quite far away: Host countries such as Azerbaijan filled the event ticket box, the Queen Mother of Bhutan beneficially enriched the programme and individual speakers such as Jeremy Rifkin were provocative. However, the true tourism leader is still absent – particularly from the hotel industry. Maybe this will change next year: After 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, the Lucerne Forum will enter China in 2016. The event should be taking place annually in the future.

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2nd "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" Conference: The programme

Big interest in a small market

Warsaw (April 24, 2015). 80 percent of the speakers and talk round participants have already confirmed two months before the event. This is a good sign for the second edition of the small, refined "Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland" Conference on June 16, 2015 at the Westin Hotel Warsaw. Registrations are still possible, the regular price of 160 Euro remains affordable. Up to the end of April, the early bookers were even paying only 140 Euro. It is about the hotel market in Poland, its development, its financing, the potential for investments and about the role of the chains.

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