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About us
HospitalityInside's joint stand with new ideas at ITB 2015

Present your business at the X-PERTS Lounge!

Berlin (October 24, 2014). HospitalityInside presents the new "Hospitality X-PERTS Lounge" at ITB 2015. At the joint stand "World of Hospitality" in Hall 9, the hotel hall, businesses will be able to present their products and services in short talks and presentations. Participate and become a stand partner or partner of the X-PERTS Lounge!

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After ITB 2015 selected buyers will meet selected hoteliers

Luxury fair loop, the second to come

Offenbach (October 24, 2014). After the successful debut of the first tourism luxury fair "loop – luxury on our planet" in 2014, their founder Lobster Experience is currently preparing for the second round from March 9 to 11, 2015. Applications are welcome.

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Survey continues - Participate in the 3rd Investment BAROMETER

Why do the roll-outs of hotel chains fail?

Augsburg/Hamburg (October 10, 2014). Participate in our current „hospitalityInside Investment BAROMETER“; also after Expo Real, the survey continues. This time we ask questions about the roll-outs of hotel chains. 5 questions, 5 clicks, 1 minute. Participants will receive all results.

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Impressions of "BRICKS & BRAINS" & industry statements on YouTube

Expo Real 2014 in pictures and videos

Munich (October 17, 2014). The hospitality industry is the more colourful swath at a real estate and investment trade show. The fact that they work hard while delighting in establishing new contacts and maintaining them was proven once more at the 6th "BRICKS & BRAINS" networking event. The link below to the photo gallery provides the impressions of a successful evening. Furthermore, in front of a running camera, we asked the majority of the co-exhibitors at the "World of Hospitality" joint stand why they were participating in the trade show and how they currently assess the individual industry topics. Feel free to also recommend this YouTube video!

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Cloud of the Week

WordCloud en 141031

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Kempinski careers, premiers, supermarkets and bargains

Dear Insiders,
Reto Wittwer's personnel changes have been as feared internally as they were regular. Now, the Kempinski CEO has ended his own career. As we reported yesterday in Breaking News, nearly the entire Kempinski management board has been reformed. I was able to speak to the new CEO, Alejandro Bernabé, briefly yesterday. He does not carry the title "President", as reported.
With Reto Wittwer, the industry loses another extremely competent and agile top manager. For 20 years, he was CEO of a Thai-owned luxury group which is still proud of its German roots. This multi-cultural bridge could only be achieved by a Swiss national. Reto Wittwer can be described as truly cosmopolitan, a description which applies to few in the industry. He embodied German directness, Swiss elegance and Asian sensitivity all in one: he loved his life as a real luxury hotelier. More in the magazine under "VIP".
Last week brought particularly exciting news. The biggest British budget chain, Premier Inn is up and running with its first hotel in Germany; Accor announced a big digital strategy in London yesterday and also acquired a stake in the small boutique group Mama Shelter. Everywhere today, whether in the digital or physical world, individualism is gaining ground. With the merger of TUI Travel and TUI, the world's biggest tourism group has been created. How reassuring that market researchers in Pisa attested good prospects for tourism in future.
Demand for Italian hotel real estate is not very high at the moment, everyone is waiting to find a bargain, as our Italian correspondent Massimiliano Sarti discovered at a sector Get-Together. The industry's "brand supermarket" was recently discussed at Expo Real. Obviously little shakes the chains' confidence. We also include this week a comparison between the hotel industry in Vienna and Munich, which may make you smile, and a contribution from our legal expert on disabled job applications which is quite a serious piece.
Last chance to join the "Investment Barometer" today! What you think of the mega roll-outs of the chains? One minute will suffice to answer the 5 questions. Only those who take part will receive the result! Your vote counts – here is the direct link!

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