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Expo Real 2014 with 20 co-exhibitors from hotel industry - Multi-faceted mix

Short cut to the expert team

Munich (September 19, 2014). The exhibitors are registered and the stand builders already at work: The 17th Expo Real will take place from October 6-8, 2014, making the 4th hospitality joint stand "World of Hospitality" a reality. With 20 co-exhibitors, the stand has grown once again and this year will take the form of a block stand. This way, visibility for all co-exhibitors is increased, and that in the very middle of Europe's leading real estate and investment fair. In the background, network events and the hotel conference complete the intensive exchange between hotel professionals.

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Rizzato Spa Consulting & HospitalityInside Seminar: Tips for revenue power

Spa Workshop: Creative Cross-Selling

Munich (September 5, 2014). What can be done when spa revenues stagnate? New wellness hotels can no longer market themselves quite so easily and the existing ones frequently wrestle with stagnant or declining revenues. "A reason for this is that the primary motives and with this, the wishes of the wellness guests, are not yet being precisely identified and implemented," Dagmar Rizzato, Managing Director of the spa consulting firm in Tettnang by the same name, recently summed up in an article by
As a result, the consultant and the hotel trade magazine will initiate a practically oriented workshop on the subject of "Wellness Marketing: How and when to sell well-being? A Spa Workshop on Pre, Up and Cross-Selling" on November 14, 2014 at the Sheraton Munich Arabellapark. The one-day seminar (in German language) will address the hoteliers and general managers of private and chain hotels as well as spa managers, day spa enterprisers and marketing and sales staff members. The details.

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Cloud of the Week

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Huge sins and resonance

Dear Insiders,
We all need some fun say cruise guests thus preferring club and resort ships offering extensive entertainment programmes. Environmental aspects are of next to no interest. However, they should be, particularly when reading the second part about the polluting ocean liners. Slowly, the shipping companies are taking initial measures to save energy, water, gas and to reduce waste, first and foremost, the AIDA ships.
The major providers of serviced apartments in Germany are ready to take their own initiative to further develop the still young segment. Since last autumn, Adagio, Adina, Citadines, Derag Livinghotels, Marriott Hotels and Boardinghouse Consulting have been working together in order to prepare definitions and guidelines for interested investors. The group will present its results at the Expo Real hotel conference on Monday, October 6. Today's detailed article will give you a first taste of what to expect.
Expo Real, for which we will provide a final update next week, will likely radiate lots of optimism including the hotel investment sector. At the 6th "Hogan Lovells Hotel Day" in Berlin two weeks ago, experts attested to Expo Real's bright future – despite the fact that the EU and the ongoing crises surely won't serve to drive away our worries.
According to a recent survey by Treugast, the current crises and rising energy costs are also dampening optimism regarding the operational field of the German hotel industry. Another issue regarding Germany is an ongoing struggle for "motel" as a designation for downtown budget hotels. You will learn what the affected Munich-based Motel One Group has to say about it. In this issue, you will also learn about recent trends in tourism throughout and south of the Alps. Our colleague Fred Fettner discovered destinations that entice people into the woods via social media.
On the other hand, the international Alpnet platform founded four years ago, triggers rather cautious enthusiasm. People in Switzerland might possibly be frustrated again since yesterday: the government decided that weak hotels are not allowed to convert hotel rooms into secondary homes. This could accelerate the decline of medium-sized businesses.
If you need some encouragement, have a look at page 1 and our announcement of the spa workshop about cross selling: Rizzato Spa-Consulting and HospitalityInside aim at supporting spa hotels in optimizing their marketing, making it measurable and driving up profit margins. Register! – The full editorial …

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