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What hospitality exhibitors are saying in the lead up to Expo Real 2015

Important, exciting, intensive

Munich (October 2, 2015). It is "the most important trade fair for us," "with the 2World of Hospitality" as the hub and pivot for exciting hotel deals" … "We further expand our brand awareness…" Hotel groups, funds and general contractors will begin Expo Real with such statements next Monday, October 8. Europe's leading real estate and investment trade fair is guaranteed to draw even more exhibitors this year. We have asked some exhibitors from the hospitality industry why they were likewise drawn to it – have a read and make your appointments directly!

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+++ WHO IS WHO? Read the portraits of the 23 co-exhibitors at the WORLD OF HOSPITALITY  +++ Click here!  +++ Visit them at EXPO  REAL, C2/230 +++ Messe München 5-7 October 2015 +++

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Go for the 5th "hospitalityInside Investment BAROMETER": Log in!

How hot is the German competition?

Augsburg/Hamburg (October 2, 2015). Your opinion is important! Participate in the 5th hospitalityInside Investment BAROMETER, which started online yesterday. Also, during the Expo Real 2015, a polling terminal will be installed again at the joint booth "World of Hospitality" in Hall C2/230, where you will be able to participate in the survey live. Ask our team at the hospitality stand to assist you.

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6th hospitalityINSIDE Special EXPO REAL 2015: Understanding hotels

In the Spirit of the Hype

Augsburg (October 2, 2015). In the world of real estate and hotel real estate, the year has been one of transactions and mergers. At the same time, new funds and investment companies have come into existence, Chinese investors are pushing their way into the global competition, and in Europe the delineation between (private) residence and hotel is becoming ever less clear. The hot-off-the-press "hospitalityInside SPECIAL EXPO REAL 2015" explains such trends from the specialist perspective. Get your special edition - in print at the Expo Real or online at

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With HospitalityInside for the world's largest tourism trade show

ITB Berlin 2016: Book a co-exhibitor package now

Berlin (August 28, 2015). Hotel groups and suppliers of solutions for hotels also have the possibility to present themselves once again in the “World of Hospitality” joint stand at the next ITB Berlin in March, 2016. HospitalityInside is offering varied and comprehensive packages for a maximum of 13 co-exhibitors at the now traditional location in Hall 9.

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Cloud of the Week

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Expo Real: In the Spirit of the Hype

Dear Insiders,
The hotel real estate and transaction market in a haze of hype... Experts believe business this year will be even better than in 2014. As a result, most expect an exceptionally busy Expo Real. Europe's leading real estate and investment trade fair begins in Munich on Monday - with even more hotel players than last year!
We are also there, and with us 23 co-exhibitors at "World of Hospitality" and 150 guests at our networking event. The number of hotel exhibitors in hall C2 has increased - a clear sign that the hotel industry is no longer to be overlooked at the Expo Real.
Parallel to this, the hotel conference has become increasingly international and high-calibre. This year 27 experts will take the stage for the "Special Real Estate Forum". The conference is open, free of charge, to all trade fair visitors.
hospitalityInside subscribers who would like to drop by at the "World of Hospitality" should ask for our colleague Anne-Laure Duval. She will also be pleased to accompany visitors through our "Investment BAROMETER": Our 5th survey in collaboration with Union Investment was launched online yesterday and it continues "live" at the Expo Real. How hot is competition in Germany? What do you think? Log in! Help us to improve the sector's profile!
On our Page 1 today you will also find our bilingual SPECIAL with information about the trade fair, on the stand, on the hotel conference and with articles from our online magazine released for the trade fair only. Printed copies can be found at our stand, at the conference forum or in 50 Munich hotels.
Right in time for the Expo Real, the Austrian consultancy Michaeler & Partner reports the results from a bank survey seeking to identify the errors leading to hotel failures. Some of the findings are surprising, others less so.
And what will the future bring for contracts? Will everything change apart from the contract? Martin Schaffner from MRP Consult in Vienna in his guest contribution today forecasts performance controls for brands (he also hosts a corresponding panel discussion at the conference).
Real estate/investments are the big topic of this year. The second topic remains distribution. Google has suspended its Hotel Finder and changes its model: The search engine will become an OTA. How Google intends to do this, what hoteliers think about it and what contradictions arise... Sarah Douag tests the strength of the online power package: This should slowly also be of interest to investors and hotel owners. In hotel distribution, entire continental plates are on the move at present, as if before a huge earthquake.
Furthermore, there are more news, e.g. about developers in new positions, the boom of city trips or the slow start of the AccorHotels distribution platform for all hoteliers.
We'll meet in Munich and/or as usual next Friday online!

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The topics of October 2, 2015


EDITORIAL Expo Real: In the Spirit of the Hype

DISTRIBUTION The OTA from Silicon Valley: New Google model provoking Expedia and Booking - and lots of questions

ANALYSES & TRENDS Optimism that breaks the neck: Survey of European bankers reveals causes of investment failures

MANAGEMENT NEWS Performance control on the horizon: Do future agreements take distribution costs and franchise fees into account?

STRATEGIES Everything scaleable: CEO David Etmenan about the dynamism of Novum Group Hotels

STOCK EXCHANGE Share price performance of the week 25/09/15 - 01/10/15

DISTRIBUTION Slow start for the AccorHotels platform

MARKET NEWS New website: 'Airbnb' for refugees

MARKETING New look and next brand for Best Western

ANALYSES & TRENDS Still more city trips

BUSINESS TRAVEL Business travellers want to see people

V.I.P Changes in Development

MARKET NEWS News Mix with AccorHotels/Trust, Carlson Rezidor/Africa, Geisel/Munich, IHG/Hong Kong, IHG/Munich, LHM/HI Express, Louvre/Germany, Lux/UAE, Marriott/South Africa, Mercure/Duesseldorf, Pullman/Europe, Asia, Starwood/Serbia, Starwood/Africa ...



JOINT STAND Important, exciting, intensive: What hospitality exhibitors are saying in the lead up to Expo Real 2015

EXPO REAL SPECIAL In the Spirit of the Hype - 6th hospitalityINSIDE Special EXPO REAL 2015: Understanding hotels


INVESTMENT BAROMETER How hot is the German competition? Go for the 5th "hospitalityInside Investment BAROMETER": Log in!


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