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Impressions of "BRICKS & BRAINS" & industry statements on YouTube

Expo Real 2014 in pictures and videos

Munich (October 17, 2014). The hospitality industry is the more colourful swath at a real estate and investment trade show. The fact that they work hard while delighting in establishing new contacts and maintaining them was proven once more at the 6th "BRICKS & BRAINS" networking event. The link below to the photo gallery provides the impressions of a successful evening. Furthermore, in front of a running camera, we asked the majority of the co-exhibitors at the "World of Hospitality" joint stand why they were participating in the trade show and how they currently assess the individual industry topics. Feel free to also recommend this YouTube video!

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Survey continues - Participate in the 3rd Investment BAROMETER

Why do the roll-outs of hotel chains fail?

Augsburg/Hamburg (October 10, 2014). Participate in our current „hospitalityInside Investment BAROMETER“; also after Expo Real, the survey continues. This time we ask questions about the roll-outs of hotel chains. 5 questions, 5 clicks, 1 minute. Participants will receive all results.

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Expo Real 2014: Best grades - Exhibitor comments on "World of Hospitality"

The mix is the magnet

Munich (October 10, 2014). "Come to World of Hospitality", the visitor spoke into his mobile phone. He didn't even say which hall or stand number. What began in 2011 with a little stand and seven co-exhibitors at the Expo Real in Munich, has three years later become an extended trade fair platform with 20 co-exhibitors. The little corner stand has grown to become an island stand, and the joint stand "World of Hospitality" in hall C2 was this year impossible to miss. The inclusion of all co-exhibitor logos, both on the in- and outside of the canvas also gave a considerable boost both to the individual brands as well as to the entire sector.

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5th hospitalityINSIDE Special EXPO REAL 2014: Backgrounds & facts

Finally, an accepted asset class

Augsburg (October 3, 2014). The hospitality industry likewise has an even stronger air of speed and power than in the previous year … Reason enough to also draw the attention of interested investors and project developers to this industry that in the meantime, has succeeded in working its way up to the equivalent asset class alongside office real estate and commercial real estate. In order to provide you with a closer understanding of the hospitality industry, HospitalityInside has published its 5th Special EXPO REAL". The bilingual special issue that is downloadable as an eMagazine link below or can be saved as a PDF is also suitable for further recommendation to your colleagues and business partners.

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Cloud of the Week

WordCloud en 141017

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Of records, failed deals and cash cows

Dear Insiders,
The world of hotel real estate keeps us on our toes in this edition: Louvre Hotels is now officially for sale - developer Willemijn Geels reports; the recently announced sale of the Balladins hotel portfolio has failed to go through; in the InterContinental Berchtesgaden, an operator switch seems to be underway, and Dorint paid the lease debts for its flagship hotel Maison Messmer in Baden-Baden.
There's also an article on new records: Transactions on the German hotel real estate market are breaking new records - for the first time crossing the EUR 2 billion mark! Never before has so much capital been on the move in Germany!
This also means: The hotel construction boom in Germany will continue unabated for the time being. Although developers still fight over top locations - as one discussion showed - there is still "lots of room" in Germany - especially in good B locations or busy micro-markets. The chains are currently attracted to those locations where medium-sized hoteliers previously felt they were the top dogs... from competition comes displacement.
For the moment, this change is not perceived as a wave. But a closer look is required when large chains such as Accor change their entire strategy: They also have the financial power to buy hotels. Sébastien Bazin, CEO of Europe's largest hotel chain, explained at the "CEO Panel" at the Expo Real hotel conference why he is suddently ready to invest millions in the acquisition of economy and midscale hotels. Only cash cows are still being coddled. Much more flexible yet hardly more dynamic is the strategy of the Rezidor Group. Alongside Bazin, CEO Wolfgang Neumann explained how you could push an "asset light" strategy forward with selective lease contracts and fewer brands. The two top managers embody the ever sharper divide in the hotel business: real estate appreciation contra hotel expertise.
And in the broader context: Dubai and Doha are in the process of learning from the mistakes of other markets. The "Vision" conference recently focused on how mega events (Expo 2020, Football World Cup Doha) fun parks and mega malls can impact on hotel development. Now, everyone fears stagnation, falling returns, higher construction costs and increased competition for staff. The cream in the land of milk and honey is melting...
And just one more thing on the Expo Real: We have put together some photos from our networking event "BRICKS & BRAINS". We also asked co-exhibitors at the "World of Hospitapity" joint stand why they take part in the trade fair and how they saw current industry topics - all on camera. See the result on YouTube! Photos and video links are all to be found on our Page 1.
And now a small request: Our "Investment Barometer" in collaboration with Union Investment runs until the end of October. Please take part and answer the 5 questions - and you'll receive all the results in detail at the end of the survey. – The full editorial …

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