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Tourism is not a factory

The new CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance holds the keynote at HITT 2022

Meeting Sustainability

How do you turn sustainable ideas and activities into attractive products for guests? The HospitalityInside Think Tank will make this a key question on 27/28 June.
/ Photo: adobe stock Rawpixel com Photomorphic

Augsburg/Berlin (April 8, 2022). Glenn Mandziuk, the new CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance as of May, will provide the keynote at the 5th HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) in Berlin and thus introduce the exchange of ideas on board the seminar ship. Where does the industry currently stand? The hotelier's son, tourism and sustainability expert will answer this question with a global view. The HITT programme is thus growing by another personality whose voice counts in the sustainability scene. In the meantime, we have packed the programme into a fixed time frame so that you can plan more precisely. 

The HITT is not a classic conference; this is also noticeable in the fact that the programme grows more slowly than many are used to in these dynamic times. The discussion panels are sensitively built on each other, their initiators are chosen with care and only confirmed after initial briefings. The puzzle has to fit so that HITT participants can take away many "insides" in a short time.

  Mandziuk Glenn
  Glenn Mandziuk: Sustainable
organisations are an
attractive employer.
/ Photo: private

Moderator Tim Davis stated in the briefing conversation with Glenn Mandziuk: "The industry is not offering the right products to convince the consumer!" The new SHA CEO immediately agreed. Yes, hotel groups and hotels need to sharpen their brands - according to their target groups. Put more simply: If you want to establish sustainable hotels in the market, you have to know the virtual users as well as the locals around the hotel.

Glenn spent many years in Canada and developed regions there - sustainably. Getting a region of 90 communities and 4,000 stakeholders to work together was not easy. Convincing them that data on tourists and consumers in the region would help define new tourism paths took time - and sometimes a firm word.

Without the locals, little works. If they are happy with their surroundings, they will no longer tolerate others throwing a beer bottle into their lake. "Hoteliers should think more in terms of eco-systems and less like a factory," he adds brashly. "We should all strive for social licensing," he urges colleagues. "Tourism is a privilege, not a right".

For Glenn, who has won many awards in his lifetime, fostering collaborative, action-oriented environments has become a game changer. Organisations that thrive and innovate become relevant, influential and an attractive employer. This is just one aspect of what the keynote speaker wants to address. / map

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Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (SHA) from 1 May, will deliver the keynote address at the start of this year's HITT, entitled "Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions".

Join in, sign up. The other speakers will also bring a lot of know-how and look forward to exchanging ideas with you! 


HITT 2022: "Embrace ESG for people, planet and prosperity."

When and where? On Monday/Tuesday, 27/28 June 2022 in Berlin City, Alt Moabit 91, on the ship.

Why join? 
HITT is an unconventional, English-speaking networking event
on a solar-powered ship. 
Casual, but with high-calibre experts from inside and outside the industry. 
Limited in number, not in quality. 
Inspiring deep thoughts instead of PR talk. 
Personal, direct, interactive and off-the-record.

Register. For participation please use our registration form: 
On this page you will also find prices and conditions. Subscribers, former HITT participants and Early Birds receive a discount of between 50 and 250 euros. The regular ticket costs 1,150 euros.

Details on www.hitt.worldCheck the Think Tank website for permanent updates on the program.
Under Programme" and "News" you also find links, photos/videos and reports on previous years' think tanks.

News? You can read regular announcements on Fridays in the newsletter. Simply register here and stay tuned about the HITT as well as the entire industry!

Partner? Would you like to accompany us as a sponsor and partner? Then we look forward to your call at +49 821 885 880 20 or your mail to michael(at)


hospitalityInside welcomes the sponsors of HITT 2022.
Thank you very much for your support! 

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