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A cheer for the hotels

Expo Real 2017: Dynamic conversations, relaxed networking – Photos & comments

Expo Real 2017 WoH Business Talk
Meetings at 30 minute intervals: The co-exhibitors at the "World of Hospitality" welcomed more visitors than in 2016. / photo: HI

Munich (October 13, 2017). Whether such positive sentiment can be beaten? This was the question many Expo Real visitors asked themselves last year. And yes, it could be beaten: In 2017, the real estate world was on fire and the heat was hottest where the hotels were, particularly around the best and the most popular. The number of announcements made was almost dizzying. But hospitalityInside also caught the odd critical voice. – To balance things out: images from the networking event “Bricks & Brains” which reflect the positive sentiment in the sector as well as photos from the busy happenings at the joint stand “World of Hospitality”, from the meeting with Thuringia's Minister President Bodo Ramelow and from the hotel conference "Hospitality Industry Dialogue" (HID). The YouTube links can be found here.

To the picture show from the networking event BRICKS & BRAINS 2017

To the picture show from WORLD OF HOSPITALITY 2017 and the HID 2017

And here are some statements about the trade fair and the industry:

Dieter Kornek, Head of Project Scouting & Philip Garbotz, Expert Project Scouting, TUI Hotels & Resorts:
TUI is here now for the second year. The clients knew who we are. We were very satisfied with the resonance, had many interesting talks and received numerous offers – from Germany's Baltic coast to the mountains, from Austria to Croatia, Portugal, Spain to Greece. Leisure hotels are generally getting more interesting from an investor's perspective, regardless whether private investors or developers.

Klaus Fidlschuster, Managing Partner, Hotour Hotel Consulting:
We experienced a very high visitor frequency at our booth this year. It is incredible how much the quality of our dialogue partners has improved. There is an increasing number of clients who look directly for consultants and are sent to them by other participants. Regarding the mood, nobody dares to forecast how long this positive situation will last.

Jutta Westerbuhr, AccorHotels:
Projects are getting bigger and bigger while rents are climbing. But who is willing to pay all that? Investments take place at locations nobody wanted five years ago. Nonetheless, there seems to be no new crash on the horizon. The mood is still good, although there are cautionary voices particularly regarding Munich, from a few consultants, but also from Conrad Mayer, for example, Chairman of Dehoga in Munich.

Michael Lidl, Managing Partner, Treugast Solutions Group:
The panic factor that makes everybody want to grow as much as possible, which is connected to certain dangers, has decreased. Structures have been created in order to support fast growth. Last year, these structures didn’t exist yet. Talks were more concrete and more qualified this year, and agreements were concluded as well. We've been offered concrete projects – no pipe dreams.

Henning Kreckel, Head of Development, Rilano Group:
We were co-exhibitors for the first time and are highly satisfied with everything. The booth was crowded until the evening. We were able to make very good use of this platform to raise awareness for a small company with currently seven hotels. The industry is still at an absolute peak. There is great dynamism.

Dr. Mathias Jung, Managing Partner, Jung & Schleicher:

Flexible concepts of use are gaining importance against the backdrop of space optimisation. This also unlocks higher rents. And there is a new crossover between staying overnight and working worlds.

Roland Presetschnik, Director of Finance, Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts:
Institutional investors approached us asking for our plans. Yields no longer pay off downtown, and a lot of objects are sold at a factor of 30. Crowdfunding was also a topic.

Tina Froböse, Member of Management & Stefanie Zimmermans, Authorised Representative, Hotel Affairs Consulting:
Cities are carrying out more tender offers today. Locations are getting scarce. Interest rates are rising only moderately. Major geopolitical events would have to occur in order to change anything in this respect.

Philipp Besler, Managing Director, LFPI Hotels Management:
There are hardly any limits in product development. Hotels are constantly reinventing themselves. Lifestyle and digitised worlds are still en vogue. But there is also a counter movement: the offline trend – according to the motto: "Please give me a room without radiation" (electromagnetic pollution).

Robert van der Graaf, Senior Director Business Development, The Rezidor Hotel Group:
The great thing about this trade fair is that there are not only hotel investors, but also developers specialised in totally different types of real estate, as well as many banks and cities and regions. All asset classes are represented. In this way, we get in touch with many new people who are not primarily focused on hotels. We have received more concrete offers than last year. After all, being hotel operators, we take a lot of space from developers for a long time and look after the respective property. / sst


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