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Informative, relaxed, bustling

Great praise for the hospitalityInside activities at Expo Real 2011

Bricks and Brains 2011  
A relaxed circle talking seriously, accompanied by discreet piano music: Again, 150 guests accepted the invitation to the third network event "BRICKS & BRAINS".


Munich (October 14, 2011). "With the joint stand, the hospitality themes are now complete: Stand, Special Real Estate Forum, BRICKS & BRAINS – and with this, a great exclamation mark has been placed on our industry," writes Markus Beike, Managing Director of Christie+Co, in his thank-you to hospitalityInside that was representative of the many enthusiastic voices of partners and visitors at the Expo Real 2011. The hospitalityInside team is thankful for the praise and the many congratulations for the successful premiere and likewise on the behalf of all who had made this well-balanced triad of conference, network event and joint stand for the hotel industry possible: In the future, this hotel micro-universe will offer varied possibilities to collect current know-how in an extremely efficient manner, initiate new business and foster contacts at top levels at the leading trade show in Europe for commercial real estate within three days´ time.

When hospitalityInside Editor-in-Chief, Maria Puetz-Willems took over the content structuring for the hotel conference, "Hospitality Industry Dialogue", four years ago, this was the only highlight for the hotel industry in the real estate and investment environment. BRICKS&BRAINS began a year later as a meeting place for hoteliers and hotel investors. And now, the first joint stand: It produced the desired publicity for the industry. Eight partners, who gave their trust to us (see box below) and contributed as a co-exhibitors and logo partners, helped to carry the joint stand, "World of Hospitality".

  Klartext Fidlschuster Stauss
  Kick-off to "5 minutes of plain talking": At the
hospitality joint stand, Susanne Stauss (right)
interviews Martina Fidlschuster of Hotour Hotel
Consulting about "Hotels, the nursing home for the
rich and wealthy?"

The media support for the Munich trade show before, during and after the trade show contributed to the fact that the hotel industry was perceived as its own, strong asset class for the first time in this commercial environment. By all means, the curiosity lured many prospective hotel customers as well as visitors from outside the industry to the 80 square metre stand that was very well positioned: Only a few metres from the conference location, "Special Real Estate Forum", and in close proximity to lounge zones and the trade show catering. "World of Hospitality" seems to have found its place in the world of the Expo Real.

Many conference visitors stopped by the stand or came again the next day to listen in on "5 Minutes of Clear Text" (see also, the banner on the homepage or the YouTube link below). And they reached for the "hospitalityInside EXPO REAL SPECIAL", the special issue with high-quality, professional articles from on hotel real estate topics and current contributions to the trade show. The special issue has appeared in print and as an eMagazine in German and English - you can find both on our website.

If you would like a printed copy, please send a pre-paid return envelope (DIN-A4) with sufficient postage (postage Germany 1.45 Euro; European Union 3 Euro; International 6 Euro) to: hospitalityInside GmbH, Paul-Lincke Strasse 20; 86199 Augsburg, Germany; Heading: EXPO REAL SPECIAL.

Publicly or privately: The industry in conversation

With 2012, the Hospitality World will have a quite definitive framework at the Expo Real: The first day there will always be the most intensive beginning with the conference "Hospitality Industry Dialogue". By this time, it has established its place on the trade show calendar of many visitors: This year, about 750 audience members listened to the circle of top-notch domestic and foreign advisers.

When the conference and trade show closed, the more relaxed segment began for hoteliers, investors and project developers within the network as well as for selected guests: The networking event, "BRICKS & BRAINS". To hold the surrounding synergies highly and to allow talks at eye level, the organisers had decided from the outset to keep the circle for this event small and exclusive. Therefore, admission was only for those who disposed of a confirmed, personal invitation. To get some impressions of the event - open the PDF attached.

 Willems Michael mit Messeleitung Muenchen  
Michael Willems (left) welcomes the fair management:
Britta von Beckedorff of the Expo Real team, and Eugen
Egetenmeir and Dr. Wolfgang Mueller of Messe München


"BRICKS & BRAINS" - A hospitalityInside Network Event by Expo Real Munich" had only taken place for the third time, nevertheless, word of mouth has ensured that it has developed into an increasingly more attractive meeting. Two representatives from Messe München GmbH belonged among the guests this year who showed their appreciation for the event as well as the other, remaining hospitalityInside activities: Managing Director Eugen Egetenmeir and Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Mueller, Chief Representative and Senior Executive Officer. Both assured hospitalityInside of their support in the continued development of the trade show activities surrounding the hotel industry.

A joint effort by partners of the same philosophy

At this point, hospitalityInside would like to offer thanks for all of the compliments and words of thank-you that have reached the publishing company during and since the trade show - and we affirm that we will also continue to contribute to providing an equally professional as well as serious platform for the professional players within the industry.

New projects are ventured with good partners, existing ones are further developed, knowledge is provided, news is spread, ideas are discovered and people are brought together... The Expo Real offers an ideal prevailing environment for the hotel industry within the real estate and investment scene. / map


The first hospitality stand "World of Hospitality" was joined by the following co-exhibitors: Accor, Christie+Co, InterContinental Hotels Group, Grand City Hotels & Resorts, Lindner Hotels & Resorts, hotelknowhow, Hotour Hotel Consulting, WTSH - Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein.

Sponsor Partners for the Networking Event "BRICKS & BRAINS" were: Kempinski Hotels & Resorts, bbg Consulting, Choice Hotels Europe, CBRE Hotels, GBI AG, RMDS Hotel Development, Solutions Holding.

Partners for advertisments for the Print and Online Special Edition "hospitalityInside SPECIAL EXPO REAL" 2011 were: Arabella Hospitality Group, Consilium Hotellerie, hotelknowhow, Hotour Hotel Consulting, Living Hotels, Motel One, PKF hotelexperts München, tophotel Consultants, Seetel, Union Investment, WTSH - Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein.



All chats "5 minutes of plain talking" at the stand "World of Hospitality" during Expo Real 2011 under this YouTube-Link


Oct 14, 2011 Confusing facets - Expo Real 2011: Hotel industry between industry-peak and bank-low

Oct 14, 2011 Rapid decrease in appetite for risk: Expo Real’s hotel conference: Financing more difficult – banks are the problem



BRICKS & BRAINS 2011 - Photo Impressions (Please use Acrobat Reader V8 or higher)

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