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Super Synergies

1st ITB "hospitality X-PERTS Lounge": Feedback from the co-exhibitors

X PERTS Lounge 2012 Stand mit Besuchern  
Successful debut in hall 9 for the "hospitality X-PERTS Lounge".


Berlin (March 16, 2012). With nine different partners and even more subjects, the first "hospitality X-PERTS lounge" at ITB 2012 turned out to be an attractive crowd-puller with many synergies. With this joint stand in Hall 9, hospitalityInside initiated a new interface between content-strong suppliers, consulting companies and hotel groups.

From the first trade show hour, the "Hotel Hall" of the ITB 2012 was well visited; the overall results from these and other halls during the trade show: Talks with a great deal of substance, high-quality contacts, a good mood and promising business prospects.

Well-known suppliers from IT, software, human resources, interior design, infrastructure, consulting and the hotel industry met at the 1st "hospitality X-PERTS Lounge" (see comments/link). During the coming years and among other things, the stand in Hall 9 directly at the entrance of the newly designed foyer will also serve the exchange of industry information, ideas, innovative products and lasting solution concepts.
hospitalityInside has asked the co-exhibitors for their feedback regarding the trade show and the stand. Their answers:

  X PERTS Lounge 2012 Messe Gespräche
  Intensive talks with guests …

Ulli Beckmann, Sales Director Hospitality, Atoss Software AG: "Fundamentally, I was very satisfied with the mood and the talks; for the next round, I would wish for a little bit more of an exchange of the information, but this is certainly growing. I felt the presence of the stand as entertaining and professionally inspiring."

Thomas Borsbach, Head of Operation, HR Management & Consulting GmbH: "On the first and third day, the mood was more relaxed than last year. We as an HR group had very good and positive talks. These led to a new consortium for our hotels, but also to the contact care of long-standing, international friends and partners. Because this was our first presence at the ITB, the location of the stand in Hall 9 was, for us, a good signboard toward our guests. The mixture of the partners within the communal stand led to inspiring talks and perhaps to one or another cooperations in the future."

Werner Taurer, Managing Director, Kohl & Partner: "For the consulting experts of Kohl & Partner, the ITB has been a firm appointment for many years. This is true both for the competence field destinations as well as for the hotel industry. Also this year, we could conduct good conversations. The ITB has evolved from a pure travel and contact exchange and grapevine to a top-notch trade fair with numerous conventions and many interesting professional talks – we were often spoiled for choice.
Participation in hospitality X-PERTS Lounge was the first active stand presence for us, previously in the years before, we were primarily looking at the negotiations and discussions with our customers. Thanks to the initiators of the lounge – we had a very comfortable feeling at the stand, an ideal platform to network that was very cooperatively utilised by all."

Michael Schwanke-Seer, Chief Operations Officer, Macnetix: "In my eyes, the character of the networking lounge has absolutely proved itself. The mood at the stand and the trade show was very good overall – very positive. The thought of the networkings and with it, the idea of the stand has also produced what we had hoped for: Searching for and finding new partners and an immediate familiarity with the material – also before the background of the product presentation. Of course, existing partners also came through and were likewise excited. For 2013, we can quite clearly give the signal for continuation. The concepts fit – nevertheless, we should still form the design of the stand as a little more hotel-like. The presentations should be with equal emphasis."

Ronnefeldt Tee Cocktails  
… fancy tea cocktails by Ronnefeldt …


Cornelia Markus-Diedenhofen, Owner, Markus-Diedenhofen Interior Design: "A very good, very positive mood ruled in the few trade show halls that I went through – which also continued in the X-PERTS Lounge in Hall 9. This initiative from hospitalityInside to bring together so many different companies has fertilised the whole incredibly mutually. Although the ITB is not the classic acquisition platform for us, I have benefited from this huge networking at the stand and in the trade show. Spontaneous contacts – through the co-exhibitors as well as through "Walk-Ins" – were as stimulating as the fixed appointments made in advance. I am inspired by this X-PERTS Lounge meeting point."

Dieter Jacobs, Public Relations Manager Relaís & Châteaux: "To us, the mood seemed positive in general, but was occasionally "more quiet " than in the years before which offered the possibility for longer and more intensive talks with interesting partners. On account of the "shortage of space" in the X-PERTS Lounge and as a logo partner, we had arranged almost all appointments with discussion partners in other locations. We liked the stand very much; the mixture of the represented partners was very effectively complemented. For Relais & Châteaux, it was particularly important with the logo partnership to have a pick-up point for the distribution of the guide in 2012 - and this functioned very well."

   ITB 2012 X PERTS Lounge Gespr che Siemens Treugast
  … and expert talk among the co-exhibitors.
/ photos: map

David Leonhard Steinbauer, Director Hospitality Services & Hospitality Solution Manager, Siemens Enterprise Communications: "In a relaxed atmosphere and as among friends, it was possible to conduct many interesting conversations, to maintain existing contacts and to establish new contacts. As expected, the hospitality X-PERTS Lounge joint stand has proved the desired presence. Instead of costly exhibits, we laid our focus this year on an easy availability for talks."

Prof. Stephan Gerhard, Managing Director, Treugast Solutions Group: "Altogether, the mood at the ITB was good to very good. The talks were effective/ goal-driven - luckily there was very little small talk at the trade show. For us, a presence at the X-PERTS Lounge was a complete success. In part, there were the good "synergies" with the other stand partners that we did not have in this form during the previous years at our own stand. We will be greatly pleased to be present once again in 2013." / kn



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