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Euphoric Expo Real 2015: Exhibitor's voices during the "World of Hospitality"

Expo Real 2015 Stand Welcome Desk  
The "World of Hospitality" 2015: with a representative reception, a new colour concept and an optimised workflow for its co-exhibitors. 


Munich (October 9, 2015). The mood last year was already very optimistic and this time, it was euphoric. The Expo Real 2015 that had come to a close on Wednesday evening in Munich reflected the current boom in the real estate industry. It allowed Germany to shine even stronger as an island among a sea of leagues …. Nevertheless, it was significantly international among the tables of the 23 co-exhibitors in the “World of Hospitality” joint stand: Everyone was occupied non-stop during the two primary fair days, some business cards went out, others proudly showed entire packets of business cards that they had already gathered on the first day to their colleagues … Statements from some of the 23 co-exhibitors regarding the trade fair and the joint stand.  

Cornelia Kausch, Vice President Development, Pandox AB:
This is our first time with Pandox at this trade fair and we are very pleased to have discovered "World of Hospitality" for ourselves to explore the lay of this trade fair. The CI at the stand has been undertaken with excellence and the service is outstanding. We have made very good contacts. Many do not yet know us as one of the largest hotel real estate investors in Europe with 104 hotels in ownership. Pandox was founded in 1995 and is listed again on the Nasdaq Stockholm since June 18, 2015.

  Expo Real 2015 Ausstellerstimmen Koehnen Uwe Christian
  Uwe Christian Koehnen.

Uwe Christian Koehnen, Managing Director, TKS Germany:
TKS regards itself as an interface between investors, hotel operators and planners because we specialise in all stages of refurbishment in hotel real estate. From there, a participation in this trade fair is natural for us and ideally in "World of Hospitality", the platform for the industry.

Michael Lidl, Senior Consultant, Treugast Solutions Group:
The "World of Hospitality" stand grows and grows – not only in the number of exhibitors, but also in its significance. The first day of the trade fair was already very promising and it can be felt that the market is booming and the interesting projects are rare. Just as dynamic as the market has also turned out this year in the Treugast Ranking that we now traditionally present during Expo Real.

Marco Nussbaum, CEO, prizeotel:
We are represented at the trade fair for the second time and each time, we have had the feeling that the conversations are increasingly more intensive and that the opportunities and the results are better. We are personally pleased to have entered the channels of the top players and join them as a qualitatively superior provider. The "World of Hospitality" stand is extremely well-placed and we will also be present again next year.

Expo Real 2015 Ausstellerstimmen Zierl Daniel  
Daniel Zierl.


Daniel Zierl, Sales & Marketing, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Plaza Hotel Group:
We are inspired by the service and handling of "World of Hospitality". In spite of the many appointments that we had, everything ran perfectly. The stand is excellent and the changes compared with the previous year are very positive.

Philipp Bessler, Geschäftsführer, LFPI Hotels Management Deutschland:
In the times in which good deals are rare, the personal contact and conversation with our partners is essential. This is our third year with "World of Hospitality" as a result of it being the perfect platform for us during Expo Real. The service and organisation have improved even further in 2015.

Ole Kloth, Director of Development, Derag Livinghotels:
We are present for the third year and after the subject of Serviced Apartments had gained in significance last year, we have been officially overrun this year. We find the new structure of the stand very accommodating, it is the drop-in centre for the hotel industry and serviced apartments.

  Expo Real 2015 Ausstellerstimmen Rohwedder Gesa
  Gesa Rohwedder.

Lukas Hochedlinger, Managing Director Germany, Austria & CEE, Christie + Co:
The mood is very positive this year, we are sensing a great interest in expansion from investors as well as operators and to some extent, the demand for attractive investments is exceeding the offers. The exhibitors within "World of Hospitality" are top-notch and render the joint stand as a "Must Be" for the decision makers involved hotel real estate.

Gesa Rohwedder, Head of Hospitality, Drees & Sommer:
Likewise in this second year of our participation in the "World of Hospitality" stand, we are delighted with the brisk number of visitors there and the extremely good and goal-oriented conversations during this trade fair. Drees & Sommer Hospitality has once again been able to increase and intensify the quality of the conversations this year and we are pleased about our participation next year.

Expo Real 2015 Ausstellerstimmen von Bodman Philipp  
Philipp von Bodman.


Philipp von Bodman, CEO, Primecity Investment:
The quality of the conversations that have been conducted here and the access to the market as well as the mood of the market are very positive this year. The various players within the Asset Class Hotel met at the "World of Hospitality" stand and were represented here in a concentrated area of the trade fair.

Mike Haemmerli, Senior VP Corporate Development, Kempinski Hotels:
From our perspective, this year's Expo Real has once again offered a solid platform for an exchange and networking with the most diverse stakeholders within the industry. The demand for hotel real estate continues to increase and we have conducted numerous good conversations. Whether investment groups, developers or representatives of consulting companies - the focus of our discussion partners is increasingly internationally oriented. Naturally, this is positive to us as a globally operating company since the market is continuing its momentum overall and good projects could arise from this.

Georg Schlegel, Managing Director, Choice Hotels Central & Eastern Europe:
The "World of Hospitality" stand has proved itself and is the definitive meeting point for the hotel industry during Expo Real. It provides the opportunity to refresh many contacts and to establish new ones. The new stand design is convincing and contributes to the communication.

David Etmenan, CEO, Novum Group Hotels:
We were present for the first time and our participation has already proven itself. We will attend again next year. Expo Real was a total success for us. This was not in the least due to the professional orientation of the World of Hospitality stand. Thank you for the excellent service and good organisation.

Compiled by Susanne Stauss.


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