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A pool of renowned businesses

The "World of Hospitality" at ITB 2015 and its co-exhibitors

Logos ITB Aussteller 2015

Berlin (February 20, 2015). The joint stand "World of Hospitality" at ITB 2015 obtains a new profile with renowned businesses from software and e-commerce, consulting and the hotel industry. It is becoming noticeably clearer that technology/software businesses and IT-based service providers want to show their own colours constantly at the ITB. The co-exhibitors 2015 introduce themselves.

HORWATH HTL is the world’s number one hospitality consulting network. We are the industry choice; a global network offering complete solutions across all markets.
At Horwath HTL, we focus one hundred percent on hotels, tourism and leisure. With over two hundred and fifty professionals world wide, our network can draw on a tremendous amount of international experience and local knowledge that gives us, and our clients, a unique advantage.

Horwath HTL logo

Over the last 20 years, Horwath HTL has gained extensive market knowledge through involvement in thousands of projects. We use this experience to bring the maximum value to any assignment. Horwath HTL has become synonymous with quality, service, impartial advice and expertise. We are known for always providing the highest level of service to our clients.
We offer a broad range of advisory solutions that covers the whole cycle of the hotel product, starting with planning and development, on to asset management and operational advice, to transactional and financial restructuring. At any stage, Horwath HTL will add value to your project and ensure that you receive the very best support every step of the way.
Whatever your requirements, large or small, national or global, Horwath HTL can help you succeed.


HI Logo World of Hospitality Information

HOSPITALITYINSIDE is the initiator of the joint stand "World of Hospitality" at ITB Berlin.
The Augsburg-based company publishes the online magazine, the online trade magazine for the international hotel industry, launched in March 2005. The weekly magazine publishes in two languages (German/English) every Friday, focuses on pure editorial content (no advertisements) and geographically on Continental Europe and the Middle East. Of course, the publication includes all global players of the industry.
It’s no newsletter publishing (paid) press releases but a journalistic magazine focusing mainly on own research and background articles. The columns pick up topics like investment, financing, marketing, human resources, technology etc. – everything that keeps a hotel group alive. Readers are spread over more than 20 countries: General Managers, Area Managers, Managing Directors, CEOs, consultants, designers, developers, bankers, investors, leading hotel chains as well as reputable private hotels belong to the "hospitalityInsiders”.
Furthermore, the company connects executives of the industries during fairs, workshops, hotel conferences and own events by its grown information network. In the "Network” column at the website you will find announcements and reports about all events and fair activities.
Since 2006, hospitalityInside also organizes annual hotel conferences: the "ITB Hospitality Day” at the world’s biggest tourism fair ITB Berlin and, since 2008 the "Hospitality Industry Dialogue” at Europe’s leading real estate fair Expo Real in Munich; for both fairs hospitalityInside also initiates hospitality joint stands.


ifrontdesk Logo  

i-FRONTDESK is a multilingual, mobile concierge for tablets (iOS, Android, Windows8) that provides hotel guests with a whole variety of both internal and external services at any time.
i-frontdesk will be introduced not only in hotels without the classical concierge desk but also in those which already have such a service available, but want to significantly reduce its workload.
A very intuitive device that allows guests to book an appointment for a massage, order food in their room, or access the wide range of products from the media library, for example, with just one swipe of their finger on the screen of an iPad, a Google Nexus, or a Microsoft Surface. Additionally, information about the opening hours of restaurants or swimming pools can be found within seconds using the device. And there’s more: it allows guests to book concert tickets, city tours, or even a Personal Shopper based on the recommendations of the hotel staff. i-frontdesk is "The concierge at your fingertips".

 Logo KOS  

KOS CONTRACT TEXTILES: As a specialist in realizing any kind of customized flame retardant articles the company KOS Contract Textiles has been well known since almost 20 years. While working together with international interior architects, general contractors and interior decorators we have created a high confidence and we established ourselves as a reliable supplier in the textile Hospitality and Health Care market.
Plenty of excellent references are attesting our high experience and knowledge of the branch. A fine selection of base-textiles meet the requirements for the most intended uses, as there are flame retardant sheers, decoration and blinding draperies (woven dimouts and coated blackouts), upholsteries, microfiber and artificial leather as well as shower curtain fabrics.
Our main focus is the knowledge of developing and producing customized fabrics by meeting all requirements the customer desires. As our most particular ability "we create textiles that comply with the customer’s option and fulfill all qualitative demands". Along with visual appearance and surface-feel we give special attention to quality characteristics such as flame retardant properties, abrasion resistance, light fastness and easy-care performances.

In a constant dialogue with our customers the requested features as material, production type (e. g. if woven or printed), design and color-scheme are worked out. Following these will be implemented "in textile". This happens within a manageable time-frame and by meeting your budget - for sure!
Due to the cooperation with professional interior decoration and sewing-companies not only material sold by meter, but as well ready-made decoration and drapery can be delivered. So the customer gets all from a single source.
The full concentration to the international contract market since 1997 distinguishes the company KOS Contract textiles as a renowned specialist in supplying customized textiles of all kinds- even within short time-frames and in line with your budget.


Macnetix Logo  

MACNETIX: Since our foundation, our products have proven in the market and inspire largely thanks to the easy-to-use interface, customers in the hotel and gastronomy just as schools, universities, banks or retail.
Our support thought corresponds to our own claim of services. Starting with free updates and upgrades, to the 24/7 direct support our service is exactly what our customers expect. More than 2500 realized installations speak their own language, they represent experiences from 15 years and report on projects from all around the world. Our products have continuously been further optimized and survive in the market from day one.
With editIT/Playit we created a solution that is flexible, which is the requirement of the hotel and catering industry, but also the clinics and rehabilitation centers over grown. Today editIT/playIT is known as a top program on the digital signage market and shows its strengths both through ease of use as well as its stable system structure.
To provide our customers with resource-saving solutions, we use our expertise as a licensed Internet and access provider to offer with openApp.DS and openApp.TV cloud-based software solutions.
Macnetix consists of a strong team, builds partnerships and stands as a full service provider to the side of its customers.
Projects are also accompanied on their completion and held out both customers and partners through free updates and upgrades on the pulse of time.
MArketing - We develop software solutions that are used for sales promotion, so for the marketing area, and are tailored to the needs of the customer.
Communication - Communication is not only an essential element in the exchange between people, it is also essential in the exchange between humans and computers. Our products create intelligent solutions for successful communication.
NETwork - Networks are more important than ever. For a company, it is also important to find the best partners and integrate them into a strong network.
Inter-eXchange - The efficient exchange between humans and computers is our driving force, and the challenge we face.

Media Carrier Logo   

MEDIA CARRIER is specialized in the distribution of digital newspapers and magazines. It is part of the Munich-based Trunk Group, one of the largest independent press wholesalers in Europe.
Media Carrier has developed a digital library which offers digital editions of print media. These digital editions can be downloaded on any mobile device such as smartphones, tablets or laptops without any additional software installation.
Based on clients' requirements, Media Carrier buys digital editions of newspapers and magazines from publishing houses and composes individual portfolios using its own technical solution for distribution: the "Media Box".
Media Carrier already sources and composes tailor-made portfolios for international airlines, lounges and luxury hotel chains. Amongst others, passengers of Lufthansa, Germanwings and airberlin and hotel guests of the Steigenberger, Mandarin Oriental and Dorint hotel chains already enjoy great benefits of the Media Box.
With Media Carrier GmbH as its subsidiary, the Trunk Group is expanding its business to include marketing and distribution of digital content. The Trunk Group not only entailes the Pressevertrieb Trunk press wholesaler, but for example also the News-Log AG, which supplies airports, airlines and catering companies throughout Europe with print media, and is market leader in Germany and Switzerland.


Miku Logo  

MIKU Fliesen und Natursteinhandel GmbH – for 20 years, this name has been a synonym for reliability and quality in consulting, materials and workmanship.
Our modern machinery allows us to provide custom designs of any shape and size in excellent quality, be it washstands of natural stone, showers of glass, ceramic floor and wall tiles or mosaics of any type or form from our own production.
You can choose between natural stone, ceramic, glass, and solid-surface materials. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to contribute to the sustainability of any planned measures and avoidance of costs already during the planning phase.
Our well-trained tilers are able to lay all our offered products – from the smallest to the largest – throughout Europe. Hotels as well as residential and nursing homes benefit from our solutions just as office and private buildings.


Motel One Logo  

MOTEL ONE: The Munich-based company Motel One was founded in 2000 and has currently 48 hotels with over 12,900 rooms across Germany, Austria, UK, Belgium and Czech Republic. Guests as well as industry experts appreciate Motel One's concept of "Great design for little money", combining high service standards, quality materials and great design in prime urban locations.
In the One Lounge, which is the breakfast café, living room and bar all in one, a local topic is chosen and reflected in the sophisticated and unique design. Room prices start from as little as 59 Euro.
In November 2014 Motel One was awarded the "GRAND PRIX 2014" at the World Wide Hospitality Awards in Paris. The award honoured the innovation power, growth and economic performance of the company. Furthermore Motel One received the award for "Best Budget-Hotel" in Germany from the institution "Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität” in 2014. The previous year Motel One had already been awarded the "Deutsche Servicepreis 2013" in the category of tourism. Also in the real estate and investment sector, Motel One won various awards.
Dieter Müller, CEO Motel One Group, received the "ULI Leadership Award 2013" in the category of real estate business and was voted "Kopf des Jahres" (Head of the Year) by Immobilienmanager Magazine in 2014. By 2017, Motel One is planning to expand their portfolio to 70 hotels with approximately 19,300 rooms, of which 20 properties will be outside of Germany.

Next Gen Opti NGO Logo  

NEXT GEN OPTI operates the high-end Reservations & Distribution Platform rezNG, which is designed for all possible types of eDistribution, including integrated market intelligence and rate optimization modules. Next Gen Opti also offers the "Tool Box" with a variety of apps helping revenue managers with price recommendations, benchmarking and hotel reputation management. All solutions are easy to deploy, simple to use and ensure full control by the hotel. rezNG can handle today's and tomorrow's requirements for all eDistribution.
Next Gen Opti software has been offered to the hospitality industry over the last two decades and has been sold to over 2.000 hotels in more than 20 countries. The company is fully funded with own capital, has no outside investors and owns 100% of all software sold.
rezNG is probably the most versatile distribution solution, focusing on hotel direct sales through its bookNG booking engines, meta search integration and in-built marketing options. All this is complemented with uniquely integrated modules for price optimization and market intelligence.
From the "Tool Box", highlights are performNG and yieldNG. These two solutions are designed to improve hotel revenue by applying fresh algorithms determining the best selling price based on hotel performance, market patterns and events. performNG furthermore enables hotels with rich reporting and dynamic analysis with a better informed overview. performNG can distribute pricing decisions to any channel.
Next Gen Opti also supplies "Managed Services", as sometimes software solutions alone are not enough. Beyond software support there are always strategic decisions that need competence and today competent revenue & yield managers are a scarce resource. We understand the benefits gained from the basics of data quality and small operational tweaks through hotel market positioning, to advance pricing and optimization strategies.


Logo Puetter  

PUETTER GMBH, based in Cologne, stands for quality advice and services in the field of digital and networked communication.
The agency is a certified Google Partner and has recently been awarded with the SEO performance certificate for strategy and on-page optimization.
It helps companies in the international tourism and hotel industry in digital communication tasks on the objective of the implementation through to performance. The optimization of the direct distribution is thereby the central aspect.
An analytical approach with involvement of modern and efficient systems and transparent reporting characterize the operation of the privately owned and service-oriented company. The experienced team, consisting of hotel and online experts, has specialized in different disciplines in the online communication: SEO, SEA, content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media, mobile websites, Google Analytics, online pr and blogger relations.


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