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This is the HITT ship

About the event location of the HospitalityInside Think Tank - Drift off with emerging technologies

Seminarschiff Berlin vor Mauer
Orca ten Broke, the floating forum: a new, solar-powered seminar ship, exclusively for only 70 HITT participants.

Augsburg/Berlin (April 6, 2018). Orca ten Broke. This is the name of the wife of the German pirate Klaus Stoertebeker. He was the cause of scandal in the 14th century with his raids on North German waters. It is also the name of the Seminar Ship on which the first HospitalityInside Think Tank HITT will take place. The contents of the HITT on 10/11 June 2018 in Berlin will be "Emerging Technologies" and will take a look far into the future. Seven centuries ago, it was wind and muscle power that drove the ships forward, today it's solar power. HospitalityInside pushes forward into new land with this Think Tank. Today, we present the event location. A flexible dinghy will ensure that participants won't have to throw themselves from the deck to be able to reach land.

The decision to hold this "floating forum" on a ship was a conscious choice on part of HospitalityInside. The 36m long and 8m wide seminar ship from the shipyards of Stralsund is itself a symbol of a new beginning: In summer, it can be run almost entirely on solar energy, in winter, bio-diesel from old vegetable oils drives the ship forward. The heat from the motor also serves as under-floor heating on deck. Its new technology allows it to serve as location for meetings, without the noise of the standard diesel motor in the background.

The Orca ten Broke is also equipped with special hydraulic anchor posts (see photo) in order to stand quietly on the water. At certain points then, participants arriving late to the HITT can be collected and speakers can depart. It can also "park" on the water in order to have lunch with a special view.


Seminarschiff Ankerpfaehle
Technological innovation: The (white) hydraulic anchor posts allow the ship to "park" in the water.
/ photos:

Dinghy operates as pick-up

"If anyone should miss the departure or have to leave the ship early, a pick-up boat will be on hand. Details are currently being agreed and we will subsequently post this information on the HITT website", HospitalityInside Managing Director Michael Willems says. "That should be an exception though. The Think Tank, after all, lives from the fact that all remain together on board in order to learn and exchange experience together. The event will begin with a get-together on Sunday night in the 25hours Bikini Berlin. The Orca ten Broke will then depart on Monday 10 June 2018 at 9-9.30 a.m. in Berlin Moabit (Spreebogen, Alt-Moabit 99).

Relaxation on the upper deck

Theoretically, the solar ship has capacity for 200 people. For quality reasons though, HospitalityInside has limited the number of participants to 70 (including team and speakers): All guests should have enough room in order to listen in the group and/or separate off for individual conversations.

The plan is to use the open upper deck for breaks, lunch, for work in mini-groups and for individual conversations. The hydraulic roof, which is comprised of solar panels, provides necessary shade in case of strong sunshine and cover in case of rain. Only in one situation may nobody be on the upper deck: when the ship needs to pass under a low bridge (which can be the case in Berlin), in which case the solar roof is brought lower to deck level.

  Seminarschiff Nacht Beleuchtung
  The HITT will finish the event with a highlight: BBQ at the upper deck.

Learning on the
lower deck

The seminar level on the lower deck offers lots of room to breathe with a ceiling height of 2.50m. Sliding windows can also be opened – or the ventilaton system can be used. Once the ship is underway, triple glazing ensures it remains peacefully quiet inside. The lower deck is a single room with ship's pantry and WC at the one end. Beamer, canvas and sound system are integrated and Seminar Ship Managing Director Felix Eisenhardt promises WiFi throughout the journey. The HITT participants will not have classic conference chairs, but rather individual seating. This also gives the Think Tank a certain lounge atmosphere.

"I myself live on a house boat in Berlin and have professional experience in event management. The idea was to bring both of these together", Felix Eisenhardt says. Alongside the Ship Manager and Captain, Holger Jirka will be on board as Event Manager and Sailor. He, by the way, also comes from the hotel sector: He was previously responsible for the banquet in the Novotel Berlin Tiergarten.

What awaits at the HITT 2018:

High-calibre impulse providers from research and practice:

♦ "The interaction between man & machine": Prof Thomas Lachmann, Chair Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, Center for Cognitive Science and Pyschologist Jan Spilski, HCI coordinator, Center for Cognitive Science, University of Kaiserslautern
♦ "Artificial Intelligence": Dr Andriew Lim, Professor of Technopreneurship and Innovation, Hotelschool The Hague
♦  "The Chinese perspective": Prof Dr Wolfgang Arlt, Founder & Director, COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, Hamburg

Not yet officially confirmed is the impulse provider for the starting session "The landscape of emerging technologies”.

HITT sponsors: Sabre Hospitality and AccorHotels. - Further partnerships will be announced in short.

Join us under "Registration” at
and receive specific booking documentation per e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you there!


HITT 2018 PROGRAMME_as of 180323

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