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We take you to the 'next level'

HITT 2023 focuses on Measurement. The programme. Distinguished experts. In June.

HITT 2023 Banner

Augsburg/Berlin (March 10, 2023). Take the next sustainable step with us. We will take you to the "Next level: Measure. Benchmark. Drive. Lifting sustainability from intention to traction". This is the title of the 6th HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT), which will take place in Berlin on 26/27 June 2023, once again on the ship. The focus of this English-language event is "Measurement". How and with what do you measure and manage measurement data? They influence the carbon footprint of your company. Once again, high-profile international specialists will be on board and ready for a lively debate. The programme.

Strictly speaking, this time there are two ships that provide the special Think Tank spirit and thus accompany a lively as well as in-depth discussion with the participants. The HITT combines business with pleasure.

The market dynamics in the field of sustainability show it: no company can avoid it any more. But it is only seven years until the EU also makes credit conditions for hotels dependent on fulfilled ESG criteria. This is only one of the drivers that will change the hotel strategy of the future - for investors as well as operators and suppliers.

Dare to take the step from planning to implementation with us. The title of this year's HITT is therefore

Next level: Measure. Benchmark. Drive.
Lifting sustainability from intention to traction.

  HITT 2022 Impulse

A relaxed setting for exciting topics: That's the HITT. / Photo: HI

A large part of this year's HITT deals with "measurement". Because only numbers and measurement data will positively change the carbon footprint of a property as well as of an operator and thus convince their most important business partners (such as banks). 

The programme is still "in progress" but will now very quickly become very concrete. Today, in the attached PDF and on the website, you can see the overall programme with the first names. Once again, you will meet international top-class speakers, also from other industries, who will share one thing with us: their knowledge. HospitalityInside as organiser of the HITT can promise you that.

The impulse generators

For the keynote, we expect an expert from, a transformation specialist who dives deep into the subject matter and focuses not only on industries and segments, but above all on the planet and its ecosystems. EY has delved deep into this field with its EYCarbon division and will therefore take the content lead in the roundtable on the practical aspects of measurement, its management and control. The research institute BVA-BDRC Consumer Research will present an exclusive and cutting-edge consumer study at the HITT and a young lawyer will look at the sensitive topic of biodiversity from a very special perspective.

Discuss face-to-face in a small circle (max. 60 participants) with specialists who will take time for your questions. You can look forward to Crispian Tarrant, Florian Huber, Zaneta Sedilekova, and to Glenn Mandziuk from the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Xenia zu Hohenlohe from The Considerate Group, Anthony Williams from Buro Happold - as well as our moderator, facilitator and HITT-Fan Tim Davis.

We will introduce all participants as well as the sponsors of the 6th HITT to you in detail in the near future. The sponsors (so far) include Accor, Arabella Hospitality, Drees & Sommer and as partners Expo Real Munich and Hotelschool The Hague.

Last year, 94% of our participants gave the HITT the grade "very good", the rest "good". / map

What can you expect? Watch the video of HITT 2022 - including particpants' comments.

Where do you register, find all details? At   

For a quick wrap-up on the programme and the event, please see the attached PDF. 


HITT 2023 Programme in progress (Stand 17. März 2023)

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