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ITB Berlin 2017 and 12th ITB HOSPITALITY DAY +++ Topics: Hostels + Digitalization, Artifical Intelligence + Safety & Security + Food Design + Iran, Greece, Georgia, Russia + Meteasearch +++ hospitalityInside exclusive media partner +++ The programme +++ WATCH ALL PANEL VIDEOS +++ Post-reporting here, every Friday on the start page

ITB WORLD OF HOSPITALITY +++ VIDEO IMPRESSIONS from the joint stand, our partners and guests in Hall 9a/108 and from ITB Hospitality Day +++

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ITB Hospitality Day Talk on successful food concepts for hotel chains

Lending the soul from the full-blooded restaurateur

Berlin (March 24, 2017). It doesn't have to be a bad discussion when participants basically agree. This was clear from the podium discussion "From foodies to food design to no food: How hotels deal with the challenges posed by F&B" within the framework of the ITB Hospitality Day on 9 March, 2017. Here, consultants and hotel managers were broadly able to agree that the era of formal and staid hotel restaurants in cities were now a thing of the past. Everything is in flux: The good old Food & Beverage (F&B) manager from yesteryear is today the manager for F&D (Food & Drinks) or better, the man for FD&D – for Food, Drinks and Design.

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ITB Hospitality Day Talk about the new impact of Internet of Things and AI

Guests going crazy

Berlin (March 24, 2017). Is the hotel industry prepared to embrace automation, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence? This question was asked during the 12th "ITB Hospitality Day" at ITB Berlin to an interesting panel of hospitality geeks who breathe new technology and could predict what the future of the industry will look like in 10 years. Moderated by Dr. Andrew Lim, professor of Technopreneurship and Innovation in Hospitality at Hotelschool The Hague, these experts talked about: digital reception, localized automation, the hospitality of things, smart PMS, guest room automation, mobile engagement, integration of guests' devices and the security around it. Hoteliers are warned: you have to be in it to win it.

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Cloud of the Week

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Solid souls or zany virtuality

Dear Insiders,
Today, two articles tackle the balancing act hoteliers are currently facing: between classic hospitality and the feel for trends and innovation. This is why it is good to hear that 25hours Hotels fully commit themselves to being hosts lending themselves the souls of full-hearted restaurateurs for their F&B concepts. Combining it all with design and entertainment. This recipe has turned global in the meantime. The ITB panel about food (design) showed how hotel groups pick up their guests in terms of culinary delights – with down-to-earth and simple offers ...
At the same time, the zany opposite is breathing down the hoteliers' necks: digitisation. As millennials drool over anything involving sharing, partaking and boosting their ego, hosts have to x-ray them virtually addressing their preferences. But before hoteliers can do that, they first need to learn quite a lot about data and digital reception. It became clear that they are far from being able to do just that. Nonetheless, the next digital bogy is looming large: IOT, the Internet of Things. Millennials fully dig it – and soon they'll be screaming for "Hospitality of Things". All that is far from being simple, as the panel discussion on digitisation and automation revealed on ITB Hospitality Day in Berlin. You'll find both reports free for all to read on our first page – including links to the corresponding videos.
My colleague Massimiliano Sarti sensitively tracks all movements on the Italian market. Accordingly, he quotes influential asset management companies that have finally understood how the hotel business is working – and are now willing to invest millions. In a major discussion, the courageous sat together, among others InvestiRe, Castello, Unipol, and HNH.
From the reports: in Switzerland, OTAs continue to grab further market shares, Dehoga Germany is issuing a campaign against strict working hours in the wake of the starting election battle, and spa vacation are being increasingly scrutinised. And two German down-to-earth companies, SeetelHotels and Raphael Hotels show how solid, sensitive and successful independent hotels can be.
By the way, behind the scenes at Rezidor, HNA sold shares worth only 5.6 percent. The acceptance period was prolonged until today, March 24th. From March 29th, it should be clear how great the Chinese influence will ultimately be (see News Mix).

Have fun delving into new trends and concepts!
Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems, Editor-in-Chief

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