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The 1st HospitalityInside Think Tank gave rise to lively discussion

The HITT community is born

Berlin (June 15, 2018). The programme was electrifying: Most participants arrived very early. Only the storms over Germany and the airlines caused some to doubt whether they would make it in time on Sunday evening to the event’s unconventional kick-off in the 25hours Bikini Berlin or whether the seminar ship would raise anchor promptly the following morning... On Monday 11 June at 9:30 am, the 1st HITT focusing on Emerging Technologies got underway. As the Orca ten Broke docked again in the evening in Moabit, it had given birth to the creative chaos we had hoped and forged an HITT community eager to discuss the issues raised. A first impression from the premiere, also see the photo/video link at the end of this article.

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Cloud of the Week

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Editorial July 20, 2018 - Locals and long-term thinking

Dear Insiders,
The keyword "Neigbourhood" is on everyone's lips, the 25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafenamt is now implementing the idea: Starting Monday, the boutique hotel will have a "Conciergerie" and young men in grey-chequered uniform to meet the wishes of guests and neighbours. From its own concierge box, the hotel now provides services – from babysitting and bike repairs to the "restaurant at home". However, the 25hours does not charge money for arranging these services. It is about anchoring the hotel brand in the head of the neighbours.
AccorHotels CEO Sébastien Bazin has placed the idea of neighborhood effectively in the industry over the last two years. Forerunner Claus Sendlinger and his Design Hotels have already talked about it intensively in 2011; our headline at that time was "The pleasant neighbour".
For years I have also been following developments in Qatar on the basis of our regular visits to the Middle East. After the World Cup in Russia ended on Sunday, Doha is now the venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which was the start of my current conversation with Hassan Al-Ibrahim, Acting Chairman of the Qatar Tourism Authority.
For the Qatari, however, the World Cup is only one component of a long-term strategy in which they rely on a diversified hotel industry, on eco-lodges and beach resorts as well as on cruise ships and business events. The tourists should experience the small country authentically; therefore meetings and experiences with locals (!) belong to the program. For the otherwise shy Arabs this is certainly a courageous step. But Qatar must rethink – because the political dispute with Saudi Arabia and the UAE has not yet been resolved.
In Italy, too, the Italians believe, foreign investors should rethink and focus on a long-term strategy. The hotel operators, national and international, at least are pushing into the market – gladly also into the south, where the hotel gap is still large. Massimiliano Sarti has analysed the current worry lines – as well as the latest figures on the congress market in the country and the government's recent attempts to influence illegal layoffs and fixed-term employment contracts.
The EU is now also pressing Airbnb, just as Austria demands a nationwide Airbnb regulation. It is also incomprehensible in Germany that cities like Frankfurt agree to an automated tourism levy with Airbnb, but do not want (or cannot) explain how they control the levy. In New York, the City Council terminated discussion two days ago and condemned Airbnb to release the names or pay hefty fines.
With the slogan "Make Europe Even Greater" AccorHotels has once again set the personnel carousel for Europe in motion – and appointed five new COOs for five new geographical zones. This and more today, enjoy reading.

Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems, Editor-in-Chief

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