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Expo Real 2017: Dynamic conversations, relaxed networking – Photos & comments

A cheer for the hotels

Munich (October 13, 2017). Whether such positive sentiment can be beaten? This was the question many Expo Real visitors asked themselves last year. And yes, it could be beaten: In 2017, the real estate world was on fire and the heat was hottest where the hotels were, particularly around the best and the most popular. The number of announcements made was almost dizzying. But hospitalityInside also caught the odd critical voice. – To balance things out: images from the networking event “Bricks & Brains” which reflect the positive sentiment in the sector as well as photos from the busy happenings at the joint stand “World of Hospitality”, from the meeting with Thuringia's Minister President Bodo Ramelow and from the hotel conference "Hospitality Industry Dialogue" (HID). The YouTube links can be found here.

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9th INVESTMENT BAROMETER of hospitalityInside & Union Investment starts today

When will pipelines and concepts burst?

Augsburg/Hamburg (October 13, 2017). This time, the hospitalityInside INVESTMENT BAROMETER starts after Expo Real. The trade fair for property and investment closed last Friday with a new record in participants and a very positive mood. Many experts don't see a bubble coming up. Nevertheless, the numerous discussions will certainly influence opinions here and there; therefore, the 9th survey by in cooperation with Union Investment has been timed for today. The survey will run until November 3, 2017. Join it!! What do you think about the the absorbing capacity of the hotel market?

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Cloud of the Week

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A frenzy of superlatives

Dear Insiders,
Nothing, absolutely nothing appears to be putting investors and operators off from making further investments in the hotel industry, and in particular in hotels in Germany. This is the conclusion that can be drawn just a week after the end of the bubbling Expo Real 2017. There are certainly concerned voices, but the desire to make deals simply trumps everything else. Sentiment, opinions and facts in summary. This week's edition also includes more news on individual hotel brands and the transaction figures for the 3rd quarter for Germany.
For us at HospitalityInside, the trade fair was also a success. We would like to thank all our exhibitors for their wonderful collaboration! The hustle and bustle at the "World of Hospitality" reflected the market's dynamics. All the more relaxing it was then to attend our networking event "Bricks & Brains" in the evening with around 200 high-calibre guests.
On our Page 1, you find today a short text on hotelier opinions on the trade fair. There are also a few lines about out networking event, including links to photos of the event. Or click on the two corresponding banners in the right column of our home page... Enjoy the picture show!
Today, we also launch our "Investment Barometer" in collaboration with Union Investment – consciously after the trade fair. This time, it's about the ability of the hotel market to absorb the new. Anyone can take part. Accordingly, we include the link to the questionnaire with our Friday newsletter. There, all recipients of our morning newsletter will find a participation link and will be immediately redirected to the questionnaire, without the need to enter a code or password. We have simplified the procedure. Those taking part by 3 November will subsequently receive the entire analysis.
Those who haven't registered yet should register soon in order to join the survey next Friday, with the next Friday newsletter. Please go to, look for the Newsletter or Barometer registration; both is free of charge.
On today's edition: The Expo Real hotel conference brought together three China experts from Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, from CBRE London, Kempinski and the research institute COTRI. They provided insight into the strategic thinking of investors from the Far East. They warned sceptical Europeans not to be so wary of the Chinese. There's no use in it.
Putting Chinese superlatives and gigantism in the right context is not easy though. This was certainly Fred Fettner's experience on his Shanghai visit. There he met the Austrian COO of the rapidly expanding Greenland Group, which aims to become one of the world's Top 100 companies within just five years. At the moment, it must content itself with a Top 500 listing. Greenland's new brand Primus Hotels already offers residences, too.
AccorHotels again wants to acquire a company – this time the second largest hotel group in Australia. This would make the French company the no.1 there. But nothing has been decided yet. There are also big hopes in the MICE sector worldwide: It is blossoming as competition on the market blooms.

Until next Friday!
Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems, Editor in Chief

Your opinion?

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8th hospitalityInside SPECIAL EXPO REAL 2017: More pages, more topics

Beds between Boom & Bubbles

Augsburg (September 29, 2017). Full house – full programme. With 31 exhibitors alone at the joint stand "World of Hospitality", Expo Real will set signals once more. The hotel real estate industry continues to boom and attract the interest of politics again: the Minister-President of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, has an appointment with several exhibitors at "World of Hospitality". As usual, our hospitalityInside SPECIAL will be available with this edition prior to Expo Real. You can view the online version here or download the PDF.

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EXPO REAL 2017 Impressions from the joint stand
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