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IBM Watson and further top companies shape the 1st HITT in June - Event details at a glance - Booking open

Think Tank: The programme is complete

Augsburg/Berlin (April 20, 2018). The programme of the 1st HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) is complete! Travelling from Atlanta, Bryson Koehler, Chief Technology Officer of IBM Watson, will join us, putting the important trends within emerging technologies into perspective. In addition, renowned and future-oriented companies will be complementing the circle of sponsors: after Sabre Hospitality and AccorHotels, HSDS, a software solutions specialist from London/Cluj, Drees & Sommer, an international project developer, and Expo Real, Europe's leading real estate and investment fair, will be supporting HITT. Additional cooperation partners will be REIN, the Real Estate Innovation Network that celebrated its debut at Expo Real last year, and the Hotelschool The Hague from the Netherlands. "Emerging technologies – Friend or foe" is the title of the Think Tank taking place on a ship in Berlin on June 10/11 – in English. Book now – participation is limited due to the ship's capacity and the HITT concept.

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Watch the timeline for registering for the World of Hospitality, Expo Real 2018

Deadline for co-exhibiting companies comes closer

Augsburg/Munich (April 6, 2018). After the main exhibitor deadline has expired, the deadline for all co-exhibiting companies is coming closer. As soon as the regular registration period will have expired on June 22, 2018, fees for co-exhibiting companies will rise. So, save your space at EXPO REAL on time – now!

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Cloud of the Week

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No time for relaxation

Dear Insiders,
The EU Data Protection Regulation, effective from June 2018, is keeping everybody on their toes. We asked the experts of the US franchise chain Choice Hotels how they have dealt with regulation up to now and how it will now organise data communication between two continents seemingly at odds as regards data protection. Meanwhile, HOTREC has asked the EU for mercy and to delay compliance for medium-sized hoteliers.
These are times in which entrepreneurs and top managers need daily massage breaks to ease the tension of their souls. That really would be luxury. "Soul luxury" is indeed the name for the new luxury trend, and so we have asked luxury and lifestyle consultant Claudia Roth and the Horwath HTL consultant Emanuel Tutek how business can be conquered with this mega trend. Both have together compiled a report which explains the core of soul luxury – and have today made this available to our readers ahead of general publication.
Just how hectic things have become on the market is clear for Serviced Apartments. Residential housing has now pushed forward into the segment with mega complexes and compact micro-apartments at dumping prices. The niche is taboo. Now the big players are in on the game. And so also lots of people who have no idea about (hotel) operations. Anett Gregorius explains the new and dramatic changes in the Serviced Apartment sector; the annual Market Report compiled by the Berlin-based consultancy will appear once again over the next few days. The hype regarding transactions also fits well here: Of the EUR 525 million that investors have invested in Serviced Apartments in Europe, almost half of it will be spent in Germany.
In Italy, tourism outperformed national economic growth last year and even Greece is posting new records. In Essen, Germany's hyper-dynamic Novum Hotels officially launched its lifestyle brand niu, a colourful playground for the new generation. Zurich Tourism has now also concluded a tax deal with Airbnb: The platform will automatically levy a City Tax on guests and forward this to Zurich Tourism. Whether Airbnb invoices correctly, Zurich Tourism is not able to check. I can't believe it! And even worse: In return, Airbnb also becomes a member of Zurich Tourism.
I wish a few actors had taken more time for consideration!

Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems, Editor-in-Chief

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