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About us

ITB BERLIN 2018 ++ Looking for a presence in Hall 9?

++ Join the joint stand "World of Hospitality"! ++ Registration deadline: August 30, 2017 ++ For detailled information click the banner on our front page or this link. ++ Benefit from the HospitalityInside Network! ++

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hospitalityInside takes summer break

Dear Insiders,

With the smell of pizza comes the longing for summer, sun and dolce vita… Would you come out willingly with the contact data of your friends for a pizza? The majority of American students do so, as shown in a US study. You will find more on this topic in our edition today, the last one before our summer break!

Our office opens again on Monday, August 21, and we will be back with our next edition and new exciting topics on Friday, August 25, 2017.

Have a great holiday!
Your editorial team and publishing house of HospitalityInside

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"World of Hospitality", BRICKS & BRAINS, and SPECIAL with attractive opportunities for presence

Expo Real 2017: The countdown is on

Augsburg (July 14, 2017). EXPO REAL 2017 in Munich is already casting its shadow ahead: HospitalityInside's preparations for the joint stand, the hotel conference networking event and the special edition of the magazine are in full swing. Concerning "World of Hospitality", a few changes have just taken place, freeing up one space at the stand; moreover, logo partnerships are still possible.

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Cloud of the Week

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Summer break! With romance, deceit and hyperdynamics

Dear Insiders,
With romantic lighthouses and deceitful tourists, today's issue moves towards our summer break. The Italian government has finally found an interface between special investors, operators obsessed with detail, and adventure-hungry tourists by renting unusual buildings. Hundreds of assets are planned to be allotted for this purpose over the next few years in order to fill the public purse. In Germany, Floatel seems to be earning good money with this niche concept.
In Spain, rakish lawyers likely motivated British tourists to sue hotels for (simulated) food poisoning. The initial tourists are now on trial. Here, hoteliers become helpless victims of national legislation.
The German Novum Hotel Group catapulted itself into the spotlight – through its hyperdynamic expansion. Over the past few months, has received an increasing number of calls asking how they did it. From 12 to 106 operating hotels within seven years? CEO David Etmenan and CFO Torsten Scholl faced up to our questions without hesitating and wish to make their company more transparent in the future. Today's – highly interesting – article is a first step towards this goal. Including both critical and benevolent voices from the market.
Italy – once more – hits the headlines in our news: on Wednesday, the parliament prohibited rate parity clauses by law. From Spain, the Idiso service and CRS provider (once a descendant of Meliá Hotels) is pushing onto the market. The Nordic markets and the Balearic Islands are both doing very well at the moment. In Berlin, a database of hotel rates is in the making. And American students managed to prove that humans are bribable. They would pass on the data of their friends (to commercial providers) just for a pizza!
Three weeks from now marks the end of the registration period for exhibitors at ITB Berlin. If you are thinking about exhibiting, we recommend the "World of Hospitality" joint booth in "hotel hall" 9. You will find details on our homepage. Registration for the joint booth will close at the end of August.
HospitalityInside will then be back from its two-week summer break (you can still reach us during this time via e-mail). We'll be back in the office on August 21, and August 25 will see the next issue with new and exciting stories.

Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems and the hospitalityInside team

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