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The next issue will be published on Friday, April 6, 2018.

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HITT Think Tank: The next top speakers on Artificial Intelligence and China

Inspiration from the unknown

Augsburg/Berlin (March 23, 2018). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and China are two closely related topics. The Middle Kingdom is pushing digitalisation forward at an extremely rapid rate in a bid to become global leader in emerging technologies. Accordingly, the speech by Dr Andrew Lim, Professor for Technopreneurship and Innovation at HotelSchool The Hague on the subject of AI fits well with the follow-on speech by China expert Prof Dr Wolfgang Arlt from COTRI Research Institute. These are two further highlights at our first HITT Think Tank, which will take place on 9/10 June 2018 on the seminar ship in Berlin. Have you registered already?

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"World of Hospitality", Expo Real 2018: Discounted rates for a few more days only

Early-bird registration deadline

Augsburg/Munich (March 16, 2018). The first registration deadlines for the EXPO REAL in October are approaching fast. At the end of next week, the deadline for the registration as main exhibitor ends. This is also the end for the early-bird conditions at the joint stand "World of Hospitality" (WoH). Early birds save three percent off the standard rate. Undecided exhibitors should decide now!

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Cloud of the Week

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Lifestyle deal and data logic

Dear Insiders,
This week, an unusual deal was completed in the German hospitality industry: The men's fashion specialist Hirmer, headquartered in Munich, acquired the operating company of Travel Charme Hotels with retroactive effect as of 1 January. Hirmer has for years also been active – in individual cases – as hotel developer and investor (with arcona, Motel One, the World Cup resort Campo Bahia). Now, it’s taken the leap into hotel operation. Lifestyle connects. was informed early and was able to speak extensively with the new owners and with Giuliano Guerra from Travel Charme. The exclusive story now for you.
The other topics today have a very strong focus on technology and digitalisation. The issues raised in Berlin took us by storm, and we report this week on the Blockchain – including assessments by hotel groups. It really is a difficult subject, seemingly with its own logic and giving rise to lots of questions. But it's something we must all face!
Learn, question, dig deeper – and this is exactly what Cllinton Anderson has been doing, as of this year Head of Sabre Hospitality. He explains, amongst other things, how Sabre deals with data. A sample: "My traditional approach to data analytics is having a hypothesis and then analyzing the data and asking why somebody does something. When you have big data and analytics, you no longer care why. You are just looking for the correlation and you say if A then B. You don't have to know why B?"
Welcome to the future! In 2025, we human beings will no longer be kept waiting on the service hotline. A bot will be there for us. The customer has (almost) no more direct communication with the company. Also realistic is that in 2030 we will be flying around in drone-taxis or being shot through hyperloop high-speed tubes to our next destination.
Progress in distribution is comprised of many small elements in the hospitality industry. Louvre Hotels praised its new booking tool for groups as revolutionary innovation. It will go online in May.
Is that all too fast for you or is it too muddled? Then you're not alone. 89% of managers in Germany in many sectors share your frustration. They all reach their limits when it comes to the subject of digitalisation.
To relieve this frustration, I recommend our Think Tank in June in Berlin. In this unconventional, personal framework, you can ask all your questions, discuss uncertainties and work out solutions. Today, we present two of our high-calibre speakers – two professors who themselves look for answers: Andriew Lim, Professor for Technopreneurship and Innovation at the HotelSchool The Hague, on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and the Chine expert Wolfgang Arlt from the COTRI Research Institute on the Chinese perspective as regards Emerging Technologies. We'll provide further details after the Easter break, the current update can be found at will next appear on Friday, 6 April.

Yours, Maria Puetz-Willems, Editor-in-Chief

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